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How Do I Tell My Son About PTSD?

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I have severe PTSD from a variety of shitty life experiences. I’ve had it for nearly 18 years now and, in my personal opinion, it’s not likely to get any… Read more »

Goooood Monday Morning!

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Wait. Is it still morning? It feels like I should be getting ready for bed, not just sitting down after taking the Boys to school. That’s honestly how exhausting this… Read more »

The Great Wall of Lizze

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Starting on August 24th, the day we had to put Cleo to sleep, I began building a wall to hold my emotions back. The Boys were upset over the loss… Read more »

From Date Night to Fight Night ending with a Night Light

My parents were kind enough to take the Boys overnight until our baby cousin’s 1st birthday party tomorrow evening. We all know how I love my respite nights, which nearly… Read more »

I’m done.

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I’m done chasing down cats, who don’t want to be chased down, knowing that even though she’ll be loads happier once rehomed, I’ll be breaking the heart of my baby,… Read more »

What do you see here? 

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Every time my Boys see a triangle somewhere, anywhere, they immediately stop, point and begin screaming “Illuminati. Illuminati confirmed!” At first, it embarrassed me for them to do that every time… Read more »

Random Act of Kindness

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We were on our way to an appointment with the Boys allergist the other day, when we had to stop for gas. WhileRob pumped the gas, Emmett John declared he… Read more »

My husband is an amazing father

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Tonight I will be sleeping in my bed, albeit without Rob, but still in my bed. Why is this a big deal you ask? Because he volunteered, he knew that… Read more »

Sometimes I Just Have to Be the Wicked Step-Mother

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Emmett John is home “sick” from school today. Is he truly sick? I don’t think so. I also know I wasn’t going to have the battle to get him dressed… Read more »