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Adventures in Dental Craziness

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Adventures in Dental Craziness: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly So I saw my new dentist, my previous one had retired, today. First off, I feel the need to… Read more »

Bye-Bye Driving

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I’ve been driving the Boys to school, and then I go to my appointment with Pattie every Tuesday and Thursday, relieving Rob of this responsibility for two days a week…. Read more »

How Do I Tell My Son About PTSD?

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I have severe PTSD from a variety of shitty life experiences. I’ve had it for nearly 18 years now and, in my personal opinion, it’s not likely to get any… Read more »

Goooood Monday Morning!

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Wait. Is it still morning? It feels like I should be getting ready for bed, not just sitting down after taking the Boys to school. That’s honestly how exhausting this… Read more »

One way to tell your husband loves you beyond words

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I have certain absolute ‘comfort movies,’ which will always be a source of comfort, whatever the reason. None of them likely make sense as to the who’s, and why’s, Lord… Read more »

The Great Wall of Lizze

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Starting on August 24th, the day we had to put Cleo to sleep, I began building a wall to hold my emotions back. The Boys were upset over the loss… Read more »

I hate…

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I hate… …myself. …that I’m mentally ill. …that I have bipolar disorder. …falling down the rabbit hole. …that self harm exists. …knowing about it. …being weak enough to cave in… Read more »

Zombies and my Brain

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Using the logic of the popular television show, iZombie, I’ve been doing some thinking about my brain. I want to make it clear that I love my brain. However, I understand that… Read more »