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I am a Supernatural Nerd

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I absolutely love the show Supernatural. I’ve watched it Season One straight through to Season 14, only because Season 15 isn’t on Netflix yet. Now I’m watching them all again because,… Read more »

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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I meant to write and post this yesterday, however, in the craziness of getting the Boys ready and everything else together before we left for Rob’s parents’ house, I forgot…. Read more »

Goooood Monday Morning!

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Wait. Is it still morning? It feels like I should be getting ready for bed, not just sitting down after taking the Boys to school. That’s honestly how exhausting this… Read more »

One way to tell your husband loves you beyond words

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I have certain absolute ‘comfort movies,’ which will always be a source of comfort, whatever the reason. None of them likely make sense as to the who’s, and why’s, Lord… Read more »

From Date Night to Fight Night ending with a Night Light

My parents were kind enough to take the Boys overnight until our baby cousin’s 1st birthday party tomorrow evening. We all know how I love my respite nights, which nearly… Read more »

Zombies and my Brain

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Using the logic of the popular television show, iZombie, I’ve been doing some thinking about my brain. I want to make it clear that I love my brain. However, I understand that… Read more »

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