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It’s Raining Mice!

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I’m over mice, completely. It started about a week ago, give or take a day, when I stupidly decided to tackle the gutting of our Mud/Trash Can/Animal Food Storage Room… Read more »

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

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For a few weeks now Rob and I have strongly believed that Maggie Sue is going deaf. He took her to our vet, Dr. Wade, this morning to get caught… Read more »

One way to tell your husband loves you beyond words

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I have certain absolute ‘comfort movies,’ which will always be a source of comfort, whatever the reason. None of them likely make sense as to the who’s, and why’s, Lord… Read more »

The Great Wall of Lizze

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Starting on August 24th, the day we had to put Cleo to sleep, I began building a wall to hold my emotions back. The Boys were upset over the loss… Read more »

My wonderful sweet complex Little Man

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We saw Dr. Reynolds today to discuss the results of Gavin’s recent round of blood work. Things don’t look good, but we’ve been here before and we’ll likely be here… Read more »

I hate…

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I hate… …myself. …that I’m mentally ill. …that I have bipolar disorder. …falling down the rabbit hole. …that self harm exists. …knowing about it. …being weak enough to cave in… Read more »

I can’t write this away

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My head hurts, and I’m woozy. I’m nauseous. I’m seriously over stimulated, I swear I can the vibrations in the air. My body is tense and throbbing. ┬áThe only way… Read more »

From Date Night to Fight Night ending with a Night Light

My parents were kind enough to take the Boys overnight until our baby cousin’s 1st birthday party tomorrow evening. We all know how I love my respite nights, which nearly… Read more »

I’m done.

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I’m done chasing down cats, who don’t want to be chased down, knowing that even though she’ll be loads happier once rehomed, I’ll be breaking the heart of my baby,… Read more »

Random Act of Kindness

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We were on our way to an appointment with the Boys allergist the other day, when we had to stop for gas. WhileRob pumped the gas, Emmett John declared he… Read more »

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