Tips To Help Encourage Your Family To Bake

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Baking is a key skill for any household to have, but not enough parents encouraged their children to bake and so their experience in the kitchen when in their adulthood is limited. Here are some tips to help encourage your family to bake.

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Do It Together

Baking is mostly enjoyed when there’s more than just the one person in the kitchen. If someone doesn’t particularly enjoy baking in your family, then involve them with your baking or get them to do it with someone else. Being able to work as a team and to work together with someone makes the whole experience of baking a lot more interesting. You can try these shortbread cookies because these are a great recipe that can require more hands to the mixing bowl.

Feel Free To Experiment

When it comes to baking, it’s handy to work by the instructions given, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the rules all the time. Sometimes, it’s good to experiment and to mess around with the ingredients and the recipe. That’s usually how variations of dishes get made and how family traditions start. Be a little more daring is what it’s all about, so if you love spice and herbs, think of using different flavors and combinations to really transform the things that are created in the kitchen.

Make It Fun

Cooking should be fun, rather than it being something that feels very formal or like you’re being taught something in school. Baking can very easily be made fun, so enjoy it more when you do it with your family. Stick on some music, do some dancing while you’re waiting for things to cook, and don’t take your presentation too seriously. It’s not a Picasso by any means, so if those cupcakes are a little dodgy around the edges or the icing you use on the top is a bright neon blue, then that’s fine! Baking is another form of creativity, so get experimenting!

Praise The Effort

Even though baking can be done by everyone, it’s not always something that can be perfected. Things may go wrong in the process, like overmixing the buttercream or leaving something in the oven for far too long. However, instead of criticizing someone’s baking or your own, it’s better to praise someone for making progress, even if things go wrong. That’s because positive comments are going to make them want to try harder next time and will hopefully encourage them to bake again in the future. This is particularly important when you’re baking with young children. Even if it’s not the best tasting brownie, it’s the effort that they put in that really counts.

Encouraging all of your family to bake more helps the household to be more skilled in the cooking department, and this can help the younger members learn key life skills. Baking helps you to create a healthier relationship with how you consume food, so it can benefit everyone in some way, shape, or form.