Brother Bonding Time : 5 Smart Ways

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You may think that having all boys is more relaxed when it comes to raising kids, but this isn’t necessarily the case. After all, when they are all at different ages, their interests can vary wildly. Something that invariably results in one or two being bored while the other ones are doing that activity of choice. Of course, there are a few things that they will all get involved with together, which makes the best option for some quality brother bonding time. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

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Computer games 

One brilliant way to get brothers to hang out is to allow them to play on the computer together. In fact, there are several ways of facilitating this. The first is getting a console and (all importantly) choosing multiplayer games like the ones you can find at In fact, by using this option, and making sure you have a controller for each boy, they can all play at the same time. Something that means they do not have to wait for their turn, and so can help you to avoid those ‘my go now’ arguments that can be oh so common. 

Of course, this isn’t the only option. In fact, many boys now enjoy playing games on their PC, especially MMOs and MMORPGs like the ones reviewed at The good news here is that because these games are played in the public arena, the boys can play in their own space, on their own familiar PC, but still all team up in the virtual world. In fact, most systems have easy access codes that allow you to invite your friends very easy, making this an excellent option for some quality time together, without any hassles or tears. 

RC battles 

Next, if you are looking to bridge the age gap between brothers, investing in an RC model or two that they can control is always a smart move. Of course, there is a vast range of types available from cars, to trucks to planes. The best option, however, is always to pick something that the boys have already shown an interest in. 

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For example, if they love war films and military history, why not go to for an RC battleship? They even have firing cannons and pumps so you can make them look as if they’ve been sunk when they are actually fine! Such realism being something many boys will particularly enjoy when creating their own battle recreations on the water. 

Movie nights 

No matter what their age, most boys like movies, right? In fact, hosting a movie night can be an excellent way for the entire family to chill out together.  Although if you do have a broader age range of lads to please, there is a way of selecting movies that can make sure everyone is entertained. 

In particular, picking a modern animation such as Wreck-it Ralph, The Secret Life of Pets, or The Incredibles is recommended here. The reason being that such productions are often made on multiple levels, with jokes that everyone will get and some gags that only older audiences will understand. Something that means they can be just as fun and entertaining for the older ones as they are for the younger. 

Of course, hosting a movie night isn’t just about the choice of film you put on. In fact, you can further enhance things by making some snacks like popcorn, pretzels, or crispy rice bars. You can even provide pillows and blankets, or if you want to go all out, why not build a fort where everyone can snuggle up together? An option that is bound to make the experience more fun for all the brothers, no matter what their age. 


Now, this option very much depends on how your boys relate to the shopping experience. After all, some lads, especially those with conditions like autism, can find being a busy mall, along with lots of unpredictable people, tough. 

However, as many mamas know this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone. In fact, some boys can enjoy the experience, especially if they are in charge of where to go and what to buy, and when they get to visit their favorite shops. 

In fact, as they get older, you may be happy with assigning the elder brother the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones. Something that means he gets some experience in being in charge, and you get some time alone. Oh, and all the boys get out into the wider world for a bit as well! Wins all around.  


It used to be that coloring was an activity given only to little children. However, with the massive boom in coloring books for adults, like the ones at, means this happily is no longer the case. In fact, you may just be amazed at the small miracle a few colored pencils, and some black and white drawings can produce in your home. 

In fact, such activities are known to calm children of all ages, and so can make a fantastic activity to provide a group of brothers. Especially when you want them to spend some time in each others company, but also have something to focus on as well. 

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One of the best things about coloring activities is that you can get books focused on just about everything these days. Something that means you will be able to find a topic that your boys can get enthusiastic about. Whether that’s cars, wildlife, airplanes, or even their favorite TV characters.

Of course, if you want to give them the best opportunity to get on together while doing this activity, making sure they have the right equipment is vital. This means investing in a set of pens or pencils each, so they don’t have to share. 

Also providing a flat surface on which they can work will often help as well. Something that tray tables with the padded underside are perfect for. The reason being they can all laze out in the lounge together, while still being gainfully employed in their activity. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get 10 minutes peace while they are doing this as well?