Some Important Milestones Kids Have To Meet

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All you ever want for your children in life is the best, and you’ll do anything to make sure that it happens. But throughout a lot of their life, they’re figuring it out on their own. You’re just the person closely following behind, making sure that they have all of the support that they need. But sometimes more than others, they might need a little bit more help from you. This is especially true when thinking about all of the milestones that they have to meet during their younger years. During the ages of around two to three, they’re developing faster than they ever have done before in terms of their milestones. But when they’re not hitting every one as you thought they should be, it’s time to step in. So, we’ve picked out some of the common milestones that we know some kids struggle to meet, and how you can be that helping hand that gets them through. Image Source

Potty Training

Potty training is up there with one of the most frustrating milestones to meet, both for you and for your child. They will more than likely get frustrated and embarrassed when they do it wrong, and it can be frustrating for you when they don’t take to it like you expect them to. But the one thing you do need to make sure that you’re doing, is encouraging them whether they’re doing it right or wrong. Negative actions when they do it wrong is only going to slow down the process. So when they do it right, give them a treat, or start a sticker chart. Everytime they do it right, they get a sticker. Try different methods as well. Potty on the toilet, in different rooms etc. The more accessible it is for them, the less they’re going to panic, and the more likely they are to get it right. Make sure that both you and your partner are tackling it in the same way as well, because if you both do conflicting methods, it can be so hard to get used to. 

Speech and Reading 

Speech is another one that really comes into its own at the age of around two and three. The start to be able to form words better, and put them into sentences so that communication with you becomes so much easier. But it’s not always something that children pick up easily, whether it be because of speech impediments, or just that they’re a little delayed with their learning. So it might be that they need a little bit of speech therapy to help them along the way. As with reading, that will really improve when they get into school age, and one mistake parents make is putting too much pressure on it early on. Help them through reading stories to them at bed time, and it will naturally come on in time. 

Their Social Skills

 Social skills are so important, so always make sure that you’re taking them out to interact with other young children, such as soft play centers. Nursery will really help with this one too!