Smart Tips For Moving With A Family

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When you have a family, you can sometimes find yourself in a pickle. The house that you started in is no longer big enough. And while expanding your brood is such a joyous thing, it can come with some logistical issues. So how do you choose your new home?

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You will need to pay close attention to your budget. If you are currently renting, then you might be looking forward to getting your deposit back. That will probably be the deposit on the new place too. If you are buying a home, then you are going to be seriously tied in for the long term on a mortgage.

It can often be that month repayment of a mortgage is cheaper than the rental on a property but getting the bank also to say yes is a problem all of its own.

So in the months before you decide to move, take stock of your budget and stick to it rigidly.


Some neighbourhoods are just plain bad. Luckily we have the internet to start our searches. You can often find all of the information you will need about a location online. Sometimes there might be a small fee, but it is really worth it. Knowing where your local school, grocery store and a gas station is – is essential. Following on from that is worth heading to the area, and while you are there try using the Google Maps ‘nearby’ function. You can also search for things like family dentistry near me or nearest coffee shop or me.

Think about what matters to you the most. Would you prefer to have a school closer or a yoga centre? Make a list and stick to it.

Garden Or Not?

Very often properties with a garden will come with a premium. So think about if you need that space? Or would you prefer to have a local nature reserve or a park close to you? Consider that a garden will add a few thousand on to a property and require a lot of upkeep. If you have a young family, it might be worth the cost.


If you only have one school close by then, you probably aren’t worrying too much about other options. If you have a couple of schools, then go and see them all. Read as many reviews as you can. You might find that the school you thought you wanted based on reviews isn’t the best place for your kiddo. So make time before the move to go and talk with the teachers and ask to see the class your child will be in.

Obviously, that gets more difficult if you are moving state or country. But, you can still talk with multiple schools and see the feeling you get from them.


When you do move, if you have the luxury to do so – take some time. A week or two is usually enough to start getting integrated into the area. Say hi to your neighbors, head to your local stores, and start working out the fastest way to get the kids to school.

Moving can open up the world for you and your children, so take it slowly, look at all of your options and know what you non-negotiables are.