Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Sweltering Heat

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While we humans look forward to the hot days all year round, we always forget that our dogs don’t really like them. Spring and summer temperatures are okay for us because we can sweat and control our body temperature. But our pets, they have trouble keeping their bodies cool even when they have shed their winter coats long ago. The normal run of life will have to change and that means you’ll have to take your dog on fewer walks and keep the home cool. Dogs have been known to suffer from heatstroke, the same as human beings do so it really is no joke. If you see your furry friend panting and standing up a lot, this is a sign your dog is trying to keep his or her temperature down. It’s also a bad sign as even sitting down is uncomfortable for them. Here are some ways you can keep your dog safe in the hotter days.

Cool as ice

In hot days, a bowl of water for your dog will evaporate in just an hour or so. You know how some dogs are, they take sips here and there rather than gulps. So one thing you should do is keep the bowl out of the sun, move the bowl to where there is always shade. With this, you should put ice cubes in the water to give your dog a cool refreshing drink. Some dogs will even swallow half bitten ice cubes as they know that they will be cooled from the inside out.

Playing with the hose

Remember when you were a kid and you played with water guns outside in the garden? How about when you were sprayed by the garden hose by your parents? It was a great memory because it was on hot days and the cooling water really felt good. It also spurred on a playful attitude and what could have been just another boring summer’s day, you were outside with bare feet on the grass playing. The same should be done for your dog. Spray your dog down with the garden hose. Not only will they try to catch the water in their mouth, but their whole body will cool off. Dogs don’t usually like to get wet but the hose provides a healthy distraction.

Beware of winged dangers

As ever in any hot environment, you’ll find the winged creatures that bring with them bad news. Some mosquitos will actually land on your dog and when they bite down, a heartworm can be spread to your dog. Take a look at this heartworm prevention and read what this little critter does. It literally lives inside the heart of your dog, causing them discomfort and irregular heart activity. A heartworm can live up to 3 to 7 years if it’s not treated. So beware of mosquitoes that could be carrying this to your dog in the summer months.

Just like us, dogs too enjoy the hot days but only when they have ways to keep cool. Put ice cubes in their water so they can drink a nice cold beverage whenever they want.