Turn Your Naughty Puppy Into A Good Boy

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Dogs aren’t born good boys. They need to be trained so that they know exactly how they should behave both in the house and when they are out and about on their walks. Puppies tend to be particularly mischievous, but that’s usually only because they are still very young and can get overexcited quite easily. Buy you will be glad to hear that there is no puppy too naughty for training. As long as you are firm with them, you should be able to train your puppy so that he behaves a lot better and you will be able to trust him when on walks or if you ever leave him home alone.

Following these tips will help you turn your naughty puppy into a good boy in no time at all.

Consider Dog Training

If you don’t have much time to dedicate to training your dog yourself, you might want to find a local dog trainer who can take care of it all for you. Some trainers will expect you to be with your puppy in all of the sessions, and they will teach you how to better manage your dog as well as their usual training. You might not be the only ones in the training session either – some trainers tend to work with groups of puppies and dogs as this gives them the chance to socialize with others.


Give Timeouts When Needed

You will need to punish your dog whenever they do something bad. One way to do this is to give them a timeout. This means you just put them in their crate or cage for a while so that they have chance to calm down. These timeouts will also reinforce the fact that what they have done was bad, so they hopefully won’t repeat their behavior again. Timeouts aren’t particularly strict, so feel free to give them to your puppy as and when needed.

Don’t Use Physical Punishment

No matter how naughty your puppy has been, you should never use any form of physical punishment. This includes yelling at them too. Using aggression towards them in this way will only teach them to be aggressive in return. In the end, you could end up with a much naughtier dog to deal with!



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Chester the toy cavapoo puppy – Toy Swap game! 😊 I was playing with Chester and filmed our short session yesterday and thought i could share done thoughts! One of the first things I do when I have puppies for our ‘Perfect Puppy Program’ is teaching them to play. Frequently I start with swapping between toys because is a ‘low pressure’ game. It’s a really good foundation for Effective Play as it teaches our dog that… * We always have the best toy – the one that is moving * They are not losing anything, we are not taking things away from them * There’s a signal that starts the game ‘get it’! * Dropping a toy means even more play * Being close to us when playing is a fun thing! Top Tips: 1. Make the toy that you want your dog to grab moving! 2. The toy that you want your dog to swap from gets still! 3. Introduce ‘get it!’ command while swapping! Have fun playing! 😊 #play #effectiveplay #perfectpuppyprogram #playwithme #lovemetrainme #trainmeloveme #residentialtraininguk #residentialtrainingprogram #residentialtrainingattemperamentdogs #residentialtraining #puppyplay #toyswapgame #motivation #playplayplay #cavapoo #toycavapoo #cavapoopuppy #toycavapoopuppies #puppytraining #puppy #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesofig #puppyoftheday #puppylove #puppylife @chesterthetoycavapoo

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Socialize Them With Other Dogs

It’s essential that you socialize your puppy with other dogs from a very early age. They will then quickly learn how to behave with other pups and how they can safely play together. Dogs that aren’t socialized early on in their lives tend to be very wary of other animals, and will be a lot more likely to lash out aggressively.

Buy A Long Leash

In order to train your puppy, you will need a long leash. This gives you the chance to train them to come back to you when out walking, as if they weren’t on their leash. It gives them some independence but allows you to keep control.

Once your puppy is trained, they will be a very good boy!