How Do I Prevent My Pup From Soiling The Carpet?

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If you’ve decided to adopt a puppy, you need to know that, despite their cuteness, puppies can cause a lot of damage at home! Indeed, contrary to kittens who can learn to be clean from a very young age, puppies can need several months to adjust; several months during which you are likely to have to clean the unpleasant mess they leave behind them. As a rule of the thumb, it can take up to 6 months to toilet train your puppy, although larger breeds can need up to a year while smaller dogs get the hang of it quicker. However, you are not powerless. There are some tips you can use to protect your beloved carpet.

A cute puppy

You set clear rules

First of all, you need to understand that training a dog takes time. Indeed, if the puppy used to live in a safe outdoor area, he may not yet fully understand that he can’t use the house as his very own toilet! You will need to establish clear rules that your puppy can follow. Do make sure to reward positive behaviors, such as asking to go outside, to reinforce them. You might be tempted to punish your dog when he soils the carpet, but be patient. Positive reinforcement through treats and petting is likely to achieve better results quicker. Additionally, if you’re experiencing difficulties, you can refer your dog to a professional trainer who can help you to introduce the right environment for learning.


You prepare for the worst

Knowing that your pup will need several months before being fully toilet trained means that you have to find alternative solutions to protect your carpet. You can find a changeable diaper for your dog, which can be a useful incentive to encourage your pup to ask to go out. After all, each time the dog asks, you can remove the diaper. More importantly, a diaper can be used at night for young dogs who may not be able to wake until you wake up in the morning. Additionally, they can be a useful alternative if you’re visiting friends.  

You accept the blame too

If you work during the day, it means that your puppy is likely to stay at home for sometimes 10 to 12 hours. Ultimately, you couldn’t last that long without going to the toilet. The same principle applies to your dog. Your dog needs to relieve himself regularly throughout the day. If you put him in a situation where he can’t go outside to pee, you need to be ready to clean the carpet. Ultimately, it would be unhealthy for your dog to wait an entire day.

Take your dog out regularly

Well… Do you really need a carpet?

While carpets are cozy, they are a terrible solution when you have a dog. Indeed, even with a quality vacuum cleaner, you might find it challenging to remove all pet hair and dust. Additionally, you’re more likely to get dirty stains from walking your dog in bad weather. Maybe the best way to save the carpet from your pup is to have no carpet at all!

House training your puppy is going to take on average 6 months. With dedicated training and helpful gear, you can keep your house almost spotless! However, as a pet owner, you should review your interior style for efficient pet management!