5 Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

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Owning a dog is a wonderful thing that improves your life in so many ways. They help you to stay active when you take them on walks, they offer companionship, and they’re great for teaching young children about responsibility. Choosing the right dog is so important because they each have their own distinct personality and it’s important that you bond with them well. It’s often said that the dog chooses the owner and they can tell whether they’ll get on with their owner from the first meeting. But even then, it’s important that you make an effort to bond with your dog when you first get them so you can build a good, long lasting relationship. These are some of the best ways that you can improve your bond with your dog.


Understand A Dog’s Personality

If you’re going to bond properly with your dog, it’s important that you understand how intelligent they are and how much of a personality they can have. Read the story of Kurt Wendelborg and his dogs and you’ll see just how strong the bond can be between a person and their dog. People often struggle to bond with their dog because they don’t recognize that they’ve got a distinct personality and they’re intelligent enough to pick up on small things about the way that you act around them.

Pay Attention When Petting Them

When you’re petting your dog, they’ll be able to tell whether you’re paying attention properly or not. If you’re just prodding and poking at them without much care, they won’t feel loved by you. But if you give them your full attention while you’re stroking them, they’ll pick up on that and appreciate it.

Take Them For Proper Walks

You already know that walking your dog is important because they need to be exercised, but it’s not just about that. If you’re just taking them up and down the road to get them a bit of exercise, you’re not spending quality time together. You should make the walk more fun, take them out for a longer walk and make sure that you’ve got plenty of balls and toys to play with along the way.

Give Them Their Own Space

If your dog has its own area in the house where they can feel comfortable, they’ll feel like they’re really part of the family. So, don’t just put a bed in the corner of the room, set up a whole area for them with a bed, food and water bowls and plenty of toys. Having their own area to retreat to when they need a rest will make them a lot happier and they’ll feel more like an equal part of the family.

Consistent Training Signals

Good communication is important when you’re trying to create a bond with your dog. When they’re young and you’re training them, it’s important that you’re consistent with your training signals. That helps you to create clear boundaries with them and they’ll know exactly how the relationship between you works. If you aren’t consistent, they can quickly become confused about your relationship.

Sometimes, the bond with your dog develops immediately but it can take a while. If it doesn’t happen immediately, don’t worry. Just follow these steps and your relationship will grow and flourish.