9 Things That You’ll Know If You Are a Cat Mom

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It can be seen as a bit of a derogatory thing to be a cat lady, but being a cat mom can be one of the greatest joys in life. Just like having a human baby, a fur baby can bring so much joy into your life and be such a happy addition to the home. If you have any kind of pet then you are likely to relate; they really do become like part of the family. If you have a cat and consider yourself a cat mom, then you will definitely resonate with this post today. Here are some of the things that happen when you become a cat mom (if you’re not one already, then you know you’ll want to be).

  1. Anyone that is anyone knows that you have a cat. Because let’s face it, you talk about the cat all of the time and aren’t even sorry about it.
  2. You consider your cats an accessory because you like to have them with you at all times, even when leaving the house.
  3. Your home is full of things for the cat, like toy mice for cats that are smart, scratch posts, toys, cat food, and plenty of spaces for your cat to sleep. They are like a member of the family after all.
  4. It can be hard to wear an all-black outfit when you’re a cat mom, simply because you are likely to have cat hairs all over them. Having clothes covered in fur or hair is just part of life when you’re a cat mom, much like when you’re an actual mom.
  5. When people say that they don’t like cats, you genuinely don’t get what they are talking about. Like, seriously?
  6. If you find yourself spending more money on your cat than you do on yourself, then you know that you are well and truly a cat mom. Of course, they have no idea that it is Christmas or Halloween, but has that ever stopped you getting them a little outfit or gifts. Nope. And it never will.
  7. No matter how many cats you already have in the home, the idea of getting another one is always there. When you’ve got love to give and cats that need help, you just want to help them as much as you can.
  8. If you have accessories or even clothing of your own that has the faces of a cat on, then you know that you are an official cat mom. From phone covers to bags, keyrings, or t-shirts; there is plenty of cat merch to go around and you love to get your hands on it.
  9. Cat videos never get old, do they? And you just know that all of your family and friends are going to be tagging you on social media in the latest one, right? If that isn’t cat mom goals then I don’t know what is; you can never have too many cat videos in your life (or too many cat-related memes for that matter).