Learning To Live With A Powerful Pooch

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Keeping a dog is never an easy task. When you first take on an animal like this, you will learn just how much work goes into keeping them happy and healthy, with much of it coming as a surprise to those who haven’t experienced it before. For example, having the time to go out on three walks each day doesn’t always worth with a busy lifestyle. You will still have to do it, though, and will have to find ways to fit their needs into your lifestyle. This becomes all the more complicated when you throw a large dog into the mix, and that is what this post is here to help you with.

Your Home

A dog will never be able to understand the importance of the items around your home, and they also don’t tend to have a very good grasp of the fragile nature of materials used around a house. This means that things like glass, ceramics, and even light wood can be at risk of being broken when you have a big pooch. While they shouldn’t go around destroying the place for fun, a lot of people in this position find that furniture being bumped and knocked is enough to have things break from time to time. This makes it important to think about the way your place is decorated before welcoming a big dog into it.

Their Toys

Canines have far more powerful jaws than humans and are able to tear about tough materials which you would struggle to dent. While it’s good that they use this energy on their toys, large dogs will often have a very unsatisfying play when they keep breaking their favorite items. Companies like Kong have long been making toys which are designed to be incredibly tough, giving your dog something to chew on, without making them frustrated when they don’t last for very long. Of course, this is something you may have to experiment with, as some dogs are far better at getting through toys than others.

Keeping Them Secure

There are few things more worrying than having your leash or collar break when you’re giving a large dog a walk. When you’re around busy roads or children, having a big animal on the loose could cause a lot of trouble. Durable dog collars are invaluable when you have a creature like this. There are companies out there which claim to make collars strong enough to hold things like small trucks, and this is a lot more power than any dog can unleash. Along with this, it could also be worth thinking about where you take them, with different environments making them behave differently.

Hopefully, this post won’t put you off of the idea of making the commitment of getting a big dog. A lot of people find themselves struggling with pets like this without realizing that the answers to their problems are nice and easy to find. You should never have to get rid of a pet simply because they are too big.