3 Great Careers For Parents Returning To Work

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Being a parent is a full-time job and either you or your partner will have to stay home with the kids when they’re young. But once they enter their teenage years and they have more responsibility, you can pull back a bit and give them more independence. When that happens, you’ll suddenly find that you’ve got a lot more time on your hands and a lot of parents find themselves getting a bit bored. How are you going to fill that time now that the kids don’t rely on you for everything? The best way to find your independence again is to get back into work, and it’ll help your financial situation as well. A lot of parents worry about returning to work after they’ve taken time out to raise a family because of their lack of experience. This can be a big hurdle in a very competitive job market, but it’s not the end of the world. You might not have traditional job experience but you do have experience as a parent and that prepares you for a lot of different jobs. If you’re thinking about getting back into work, or maybe trying to find the best online job out there, these are some of the best career options.

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Nursing requires a lot of compassion, patience, and organization. Those are all skills that you use every day as a parent so nursing is the ideal career for you. It’s an incredibly rewarding career that gives you the chance to help people every day and your experience as a parent will stand you in good stead. However, you will still need formal training. There are two main routes into nursing, the Master’s Degree in Nursing and the Doctor Practitioner in Nursing. It’s important that you understand msn and dnp programs, the differences, and the benefits of both. If you’re looking to progress in your career and gain promotion, the dnp program is best because it teaches more about leadership roles. However, it does take longer than the msn program and if you’re just looking for part time work as a nurse, it isn’t usually necessary.

Childcare Worker

This is the ideal career for a parent because you’ve already been doing the job for years with your own family. There are a few different options as a childcare worker; you could look for work in a day daycare center, become a nanny, or work as a teaching assistant. The major benefit here is that you don’t need to get any extra qualifications and you can draw on your experience as a parent.


Sometimes, parents want to get back into work for financial reasons, rather than a desire to fill their days. If that’s the case, freelancing might be ideal for you. You can still stay at home and look after the kids and earn a bit of money at the same time. You’ve got so many different options for freelancing; you can write content for websites, edit people’s work or become a remote assistant answering emails and phone calls for businesses. There are some great freelancing sites online where you can find work.

These are all ideal career choices for parents that want to get back into work when the kids get a little older.