Could You Become a Surrogate?

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It’s highly likely that you’ve heard of surrogacy before. It’s a process in which an individual or couple (who usually cannot conceive naturally themselves) employ the help of a woman who can carry a child. This woman is referred to as a surrogate and carries and births a child, who is then handed over to the couple. But do you know much more about the ins and outs of the process? Most of the time, people pay little attention to surrogacy unless they intend to use a surrogate’s services themselves. But you could become a surrogate and help people to build the families that they long for too! So, let’s take a moment to go through the basics of this process!

What Happens in the Surrogacy Process?

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, it’s a good idea to really understand the process before committing and getting involved. During surrogacy, you will be impregnated with a fertilized egg (this can also be referred to as an “embryo”) and then carry the developing baby to full term. You will then birth the child and hand the child over to be adopted by his or her intended parents. Of course, this is an extremely complex process and there will be a lot of llegalities involved. It can also prove physically and emotionally draining for you – pregnancy is a difficult and challenging time for almost anyone. However, as long as you work with a good agent, the process should be as comfortable and accommodating for your needs and preferences as possible.

Understanding Why People Use Surrogates

There are various reasons that people may want to use a surrogate. Some people may be infertile themselves. Some people’s partner may be infertile. You may find that you want to help out a same-sex couple to have a child. You may come across a woman who has a medical condition that means she cannot carry and birth a child safely. There are plenty of different reasons out there.

Key Terms

You’re going to come across a whole lot of jargon if you do get involved with the surrogacy process. So, it’s best to have at least a basic understanding of what professionals will be talking about if you do go forward with the process. If you ever don’t understand anything, always feel free to request further explanation. But these key terms below should get you started off on a good foot.

  • Surrogacy Agency – generally speaking, people will carry surrogacy out through a surrogacy agency. This means you have professionals overseeing the entire process.
  • Anonymous Donors – you can be an anonymous donor if you want to help people who you do not know, but don’t want them to be provided with any identifying information about you. This maintains your right to anonymity.
  • Compensated or Commercial Surrogacy – if you receive payment for being a surrogate, you are engaging in compensated or commercial surrogacy.
  •  “Altruistic” or “Uncompensated Surrogacy” – if you do not receive payment for surrogacy and are doing it simply to help another person, you are engaging in altruistic or uncompensated surrogacy.
  • Intended Parent – an intended parent is a person who will be taking on responsibility for the child at the end of the surrogacy process when the child is born.

While you may not have considered surrogacy at all before, hopefully, this has opened your eyes to a potential opportunity!

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