Puppy Training 101: 3 Training Tips You Shouldn’t Forget

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Everyone loves a pup, right? Fluffy, excitable and playful, puppies make everyone who isn’t allergic to them smile from ear to ear. The only thing wrong with puppies? Their constant and unending need to play!


While this is cute – most of the time – training is important. Did you know that there are certain training commands that can save your dog’s life? If you choose to send your dog to training, they’ll learn how to roll over, play dead, speak and crawl, and teaching your dog these tricks is a good way to get them started in their puppy education. Education for dogs is important, especially if you want your dog to behave. Training can mean the difference between a well-behaved dog and one that requires you to ask how to choose a dog bite attorney? It may seem hard to teach a dog to behave, but really there are only three dog training commands that could make the difference between life and death for your pup. Let’s take a look.

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  1. Come. If your dog can come when he’s called, you know that you’ve nailed this safety thing. If your dog ever gets loose near a main road, it doesn’t bear thinking about if he doesn’t come when he’s called. It’s a safety issue, and your dog should immediately come when he’s called. Practicing when he’s in your yard or in the house somewhere and rewarding the command being obeyed with treats is important, and you can start out by practicing it at short distances. Use treats to bring him to you every time you need him – he’ll learn quickly enough.
  2. Leave It. It’s not just about food in the street – you can use leave it for any situation – including if your dog is around other wild animals or going toward chocolate. The leave it commands could be a lifesaver, and you could really change their life by teaching them the right response to that command. You can teach them to respond to this command both on and off the leash. Treats are a great incentive to keep learning for your dog.
  3. Wait. Imagine your dog is off-leash and goes dashing toward the edge of a cliff? Not great at all. Teaching him to wait is going to make a massive difference to his life. It may seem like the same command as ‘stay’, but it’s not. If you ask your dog to stay while he’s already sitting still, he will stay. If you ask him to wait, he should hold whatever position he likes as long as he doesn’t move beyond where you’ve asked him to wait. This will help your dog by the road, by dangerous water and near a height.

Teaching your dog how to be safe is vital for their health. Don’t wait around for a place at obedience school; get those commands learned as soon as possible so that your dog can be as healthy and happy as can be.

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