Want A Horse? Consider These Six Things First

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Having a horse of your very own is a childhood dream of thousands of little girls and boys, but it’s one that is very rarely fulfilled in our younger years. However, now that you’re an adult, with your own life and money, it may be a possibility for you. That being said, before you go and grab the reins, there’s a lot that you need to know. Owning a horse is no simple task, so you should consider the decision carefully before you make it. Here are six things you should think about.


  1. Time

Being a horse owner can be fun, but there’s much more to it than the occasion trek. You also need to get up early each morning to feed your animal, you need to give them water, and, of course, you also need to clean where they live. This may not seem too bad at first, but you’ll quickly realize that these tasks aren’t as simple as they appear and can take quite a long time.


  1. Space

Never buy a horse if the only place you have to keep it is your backyard. Of course, if you own a huge lot of land, then that is a different story, but the average garden is not enough space for such a large and active animal. Horses need to be able to move around, exercise, and play, which is why the general consensus is that each animal needs around one acre of space.


  1. Companionship

Like people and many other animal species, horses get lonely when left alone for too long. For this reason, most recommended that you give a horse an animal companion to spend their time with. Ideally, this should be another horse, but any other type of barn animal, like a goat, also works. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll need to factor in the extra cost and time.

  1. Cost

Owning a horse is far from cheap, and this is something you need to understand from the very beginning. They need food, water, and shelter, like any other animal, but will also require special tools, different medications, like thyrozine, and, of course, a vet that works with large animals. All of this can break the bank unless you know what you’re getting yourself in to.

  1. Food

Every horse out there is an individual, with a completely unique personality. This is what makes horse ownership so fun, but is also what can cause it to become quite complicated. When it comes to food, the type and amount that you feed your pet will rely on a number of different factors, from age to the weather. Without a well-balanced diet, your animal is going to suffer.


  1. Tools

The list of tools and equipment you need for a horse is a lot longer and a lot more complicated than that required for most other types of pet. Unless you have everything you need and know how to use it, your horse could become bored, sick, or worse. Among many other things, you must ensure you have proper horse brushes, hoof picks, and a few warm blankets.

Having a horse is an amazing experience, but it’s hardly a trek in the park. Before you make such a huge commitment, make sure that you consider the factors listed above.

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