5 Tips For Bouncy Puppy Training!

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Who on earth decided that it was a good idea to get a puppy when you have young children in the house? Oh, yes, that was you, wasn’t it? Well, now you’ve got your beautiful, bouncy little pup home with you, you need to get it as trained as possible. You’re already sorting the waste from a small human, so the idea is to get your puppy trained not to have you picking up waste from the carpet of your living room.

The idea of a puppy is a lot less overwhelming than the reality, and you can buy as many treats, and tweed dog lead fashion accessories as you like, you can’t get out of training your dog how to behave in public. Dog training is not easy, especially for a jumpy, excitable ball of fluff that is your new puppy. It’s easier to train a younger dog, as they catch on quicker, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put in some seriously hard work along the way. Dog training shouldn’t be a hardship for you; you got the dog knowing you’d have to teach it how to behave. Plus, you are already teaching a toddler how to act, so you may as well double up!

Below, let’s look at four ways that you can train your bouncy puppy quickly.

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  • Be Consistent. If you want your dog to walk on the lead, train him only to walk with it at first. Set some clear boundaries for your puppy and make sure that everyone follows the same rules. If you don’t want him on the couch, don’t let him on the sofa – and make sure no one else does, either!
  • Encourage The Good Stuff. Dogs love a bit of praise – just like we do. If your dog has been obedient, reward their obedience with lots of positive words, treats, and hugs. Don’t lean toward focusing on the negative behavior, but enforce positivity instead.
  • Don’t Push It. All dogs have a limit, and there is only so much that they will tolerate taking in before refusing to play ball (no pun intended). You’ll get a feel for which training situations work for your puppy when you start training, and you can be in tune with his feelings so that you can work together.
  • Set The Right Environment. Lots of people prefer to train their dog at an official puppy school. It’s the right kind of environment for dog training, and your puppy could respond better with other dogs around. Remove elements of distraction from the area before you start training and watch how quickly your pup responds to you.


Dogs are for life, not just a fun addition to your family. Loving your dog and showing him patience is the way to ensure that you have a puppy that will be loyal and listen to your commands. Don’t take your puppy for granted and love bomb them as much as possible. You’ve got a friend for life.

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