How To Stay Comfortable On Long Journeys

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Travelling long distances puts many people off. We plan to get some sleep on the way to our destination but many of us find that the discomfort is too much to bear. We hardly sleep a wink of a train or plan that we feel uncomfortable in. this makes us grouchy and less likely to be alert when we arrive to where we need to go. The same goes for car journeys because the majority of cars are not actually designed to be driven long distances in comfort. However feeling fine on a long journey takes a little planning and a little investment. You can expect to feel fresh after 6 to 8 hours of being in the same seat in the same position. However you can at least limit how fatigued you will feel and thus, keep your mood stable and able to focus on the things you need to. Here are some tips on how you can stay comfortable while travelling long distances.

Be strategic in your booking

Many train companies will offer passengers a choice of where they sit. However far too many people do not take up this offer and simply click on through to the payment page when booking a train ticket online. The standard offers are what kind of seat would you like, by the window or isle? Pick the window seat for a great view outside or pick the isle if you want more leg room. You’ll also get a choice of what kind of carriage you want to be in. The standard choices are family, quiet and normal. Family carriages are usually filled with young parents with babies and large party families. Normal is as you would expect with a range of different passengers. However the quiet coach is exactly that, quiet. There’s a policy which forbids anyone in this carriage to make noise such as a loud conversation. Book this carriage to get some sleep reliably.

Give you heel a rest

Car journeys are a pain when you don’t deck out your car ready for hours and hours of driving. Most people just get in and drive expecting to last all the way to their destination. Then after a couple hours you start to get a little back pain, no rest for your feet and the inability to properly rest your neck and head to get some sleep. Consider first getting some Floor mats that provide a little more comfort and allow your heels to rest. Suede is a very popular material for this kind of thing as it’s strong enough to withstand your weight and dirt from your shoes without getting damaged so easily. Velour is also something you may wish to try for your seats as this fabric is soft and flexible so your body sinks into the seat more.

Train journeys can be booked strategically to offer you more comfort. Book the quiet coach from now on if you know you will be having a long tedious journey. Invest in some proper mats and seat covers for your car so if you are driving hundreds of miles, you can do so in comfort.