Why ‘I Don’t Have Time to Visit the Doctors’ Is a Terrible Excuse…

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We’ve all put off trips to the doctors before. Men are the worst at it – but there are a lot of women who are equally guilty. Some people don’t want to go out of embarrassment, some people don’t go because they don’t think it’s serious enough and some people simply feel they can’t afford it. However, the number one excuse is usually ‘I don’t have time to visit the doctors’.

Many of us lead busy lives making it hard to find time to plan a doctor’s visit without booking time off work. If you don’t live near a clinic, you may have to spend a lot of time traveling there and back. There’s then the possibility of having to sit in a waiting room for an hour because appointments are running late. And what if further check-ups need to be booked after that?

Whilst it may seem like a genuine issue for some people, it really isn’t. Here are just a few reasons why you do have time to visit the doctors.

Not all clinics are 9 to 5

If you work nine to five and can’t afford to take time off, you may find it an impossibility to get an appointment at your local clinic. Most local clinics operate from about 8 until 6 – but that’s still not enough time for people working 9 to 5 job who may need to spare time for the commute. Fortunately, there are now plenty of 24-hour services out there that operate weekdays and weekends. You may have to pay a little extra, but it could mean be able to make an appointment in your free time.

You can always call out a doctor

There are now many urgent care services that allow you to call out a doctor rather than having to visit a clinic. This could allow you to call a doctor out to see you at home or even meet you at your workplace. You then won’t have to spend any time traveling to and from a clinic.

You can get prescriptions delivered

If all you need to do is pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, it’s now possible to arrange this as a delivery. This could similarly save you time spent traveling there and back, allowing you to always have the medicine you need. You may not even have to pay that much extra.

Your health should always take priority

Nothing is more important than your health. Even if you’ve got an important work project deadline coming up, it’s not worth risking your health over. Whilst it may seem like an inconvenience at the time, you could be preventing your health problem evolving into something worse by getting it seen to now. If it gets worse, you could eventually be rushed into hospital, at which point you may need serious treatment that could cost more money and take more time to recover from. The earlier you catch any problem in the bud, the easier it is to fix.