Don’t Let Newborn Panic Hit You

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Planned. Not planned. Half of expected it to happen one day. There are all types of ways that you could have fallen pregnant in terms of the preparation. For most people, they’re not actively trying, it just seemed to happen one day! But no matter how prepared or unprepared you might feel that you are, we know that newborn panic is just going to set in at some point. For some of the lucky ones out there, it will happen in the last week, and it’s more to do with the fact that you’re panicking about the actual birth. But, we’re not all as lucky like that, and newborn panic can actually set in right from the moment those double lines appear on the pregnancy test. Which is only natural, you really don’t understand the magnitude of what is about to happen when you’re pregnant, until you first find out that you are indeed pregnant! But, one way or another, that baby is going to come out of you eventually, and the earlier you begin to prepare, the better life is going to be for you. We think that newborn panic can really get in the way of your planning and that there are ways to avoid it. So, before newborn panic does hit you, have a read of the article we’ve got below, and let us allow your head to be cleared.

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It’s Not Going To Be The End Of You

Ok, so the first common thing that a lot of people think about is the fact that having a newborn baby is going to be the end of them. They literally think that from the moment they find out, their normal life is going to melt away into just nothing. We won’t lie, it is going to change more than you will ever realize, but is this necessarily a bad thing? No, it is most definitely not. Having a little baby is only going to change your life for the better, and it is not until you’re holding them in your arms that you realize this. But, there are some things that you’re going to have to adjust to. Thing number one is your personal time is going to be pretty much gone. Unless you can work out a lovely system with your partner, which you should easily be able to do, then you’re going to be up all hours of the day trying to get your baby to sleep and trying to keep them happy. At first, you might convince yourself you can do it, but a few sleepless nights down the line, you soon realize that you absolutely can’t do it. So, we definitely think you should try and work out some sort of fair system with your partner so that all of the jobs including taking care of the house and the baby are split between the two of you.

You also need to try and make sure you’re getting out and about as a couple. In the first few months, we get why you just wouldn’t. There’s so much to deal with, you’re both trying to juggle so much, and the last thing you would want to do is feel as though you’re abandoning your newborn. We get it, spending all the time possible with them is so important. But, we definitely urge you to ask your parents to look after your little one once every two weeks. You’re not going to be classed as a bad parent if you do so, and the wonders it will work for both of you will be so good. You should go out for a romantic dinner, go to the cinema, or do whatever you want to do that you think is fun. It’s so important to try and keep that spark alive, and we believe going out twice a month for just some couple time will do just that.

The Support Is Everywhere

You really shouldn’t feel like you’re alone through this, although we know it is actually done easily done. It can often feel like you’re going at this alone, but that really isn’t the case. We really do urge you to go to plenty of antenatal classes and baby classes. They will fill you with all of the knowledge that you need to properly take care of your newborn, and we promise you-you will feel so much more prepare for D day. Just make sure that you’re fully involving your partner with these classes as well. The more you both know, the better life is going to be for the both of you! Especially if both of you feel as though you just don’t have a clue what’s in store for you.

The Majority Of The Things You Need To Buy

Ok, so we’re going to give you a list of the majority of things that you’re going to need to buy. The sooner you see a definitive list, the sooner you can begin piling your cupboards high with things. Ok, so to soothe the baby, you definitely need a comfy crib, dummies, and plenty of blankets. You can also get a nursery glider for both of your comforts, you can find more info here as to what they are. Even if you’re breastfeeding, have bottle formula on standby in case it doesn’t work out. You’re going to need; nappies, a changing pad, wipes, talc powder, a car seat, hats, gloves, medicine, a baby monitor, and some toys to stimulate play from a young age. That is just a rough guide, you’ll probably be able to fill your home with so much more if you do the research.

It’ll Be The Best Time Of Your Life

Finally, you just need to remember that this will ultimately be the best time of your life. You’ll gain a little human who is going to supply you with endless feelings of love, and your overall happiness despite all the stress will increase. You’ll have experiences that you never thought you could have through having a newborn.