10 Things That Every Parent Worries About (And How To Chill Out About Them)

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As a parent, you’re always worrying about your kids. All of these things run through your mind at some point: are they healthy, are they growing properly, are they happy, am I doing the right thing? And you’re not the only one, but sometimes we worry about things that we could relax about and instead spend more time having fun and watching our children blossom into the great people we’ve helped them to be. So give yourself a pat on the back, destress, and recognize how great you actually are at parenting. You’re doing awesome. We promise.










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  1. Are they happy?

This is one we all worry about, but it’s usually just an overthinking-parent move. If you’re doing your best for your child, and you spend time listening to them and being the best parent possible, your child is likely to be a super happy little human. Yes, sometimes they cry, and sometimes they eat mud (and what happy individual would do that to themselves?), but don’t stress. They’re probably having the time of their lives.

  1. Are they doing OK at daycare/school?

Another thing that you may worry about is your child’s progress at daycare or school, and whether they’re doing as well as the other kids. Whilst you do have to look out for developmental delays, your child is very likely to catch up with others. We all come into our own at different times, and your little boy or girl will do the same. So keep encouraging them, and don’t panic.

  1. What if something happens to me?

You could also be anxious about something that happens to you as a parent, which compromises your ability to look after your child. This is natural but look to your support network for reassurance if this worries you. And if anything happens and you’re not to blame, you can look to companies like Joe and Martin Injury Attorneys to sort out any medical and monetary worries. Don’t stress; the help is there.

  1. What do other people think?

This is a common one, and as a parent, you’re likely to worry about what other people think. Are you a good enough parent, and do people think you’re doing everything in the right way? Well, you can put this worry to rest, as there is no handbook that comes with being a parent. We wish there was, but as long as you’re doing what you think is right, forget about what the Moms at the school gates say.

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  1. Is my house clean enough?

You could spend all day cleaning your house, but your child is still going to come home and drop a box of crayons all over your cream carpets. If that wasn’t enough, they’re probably going to throw a bowl of food on the floor later. So don’t worry, if your house is hygienic then that is all that matters. You’re always going to be tripping over that toy fire truck on the way to work.

  1. Am I helping them enough?

Your kids have to make their own mistakes in life, and this is difficult for any parent to accept. This is natural; you want to help them to be the best person that they can be. But it’s ok to take a step back and let them take the wheel. They won’t thank you for it if they think that you’re trying to control their lives, so relax! When they need help, especially when they’re older, they’ll come to you. So just make sure that they know you have an (almost) non-judgmental ear.

  1. Are they safe?

Another thing that causes stress for any parent is the idea of some kind of freak accident happening and threatening the safety of your children. Sorry to break it to you, but you can’t prevent a freak accident, and you can’t wrap your kids up in bubble wrap. Do all that you can to protect them, but don’t worry about outlandish theories. Teaching them how things work will protect them, too.

  1. Do they like me?

If your children are teenagers, the answer to this question is probably no. But your kids still love you, and there is no point in worrying that they feel any different. We have a special bond with our parents, especially if we know that they tried their hardest with us, and you can’t get this bond from anyone else. Whatever happens, they’ll come back to you at some point and tell you this themselves.

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  1. What if I mess up?

All parents worry about messing up, and the truth is that you’re going to, at least once. That’s ok though; nobody has the ability to do everything right, especially if you’re having a child for the first time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but don’t let yourself get stressed about doing things wrong. Everything will be fine, and you’ll learn from the mistakes that you make. We’ve all done it.

  1. What if they get ill?

You can do a few things to stop your child from getting ill, such as getting them vaccinated and keeping your home as free from germs as possible. But the truth is, you can’t stop them coming into contact with germs at daycare and school, because most kids are snotty, messy little people. Your kids will get ill sometimes, but in the long run, it will help their immune systems to develop, so panic not! Get the medicine at the ready…

What if…?

Ok, you’re going to worry about pretty much everything. We don’t blame you, and everyone goes through the same kind of emotions. But chilling out about these things could help you to uutilizeyour time with your child in a healthier way, so don’t try and smother them. They’re not going to get whisked out of your hands by a massive, flying, child-eating bird, and if they do, it will be super unlucky. You’re doing great, and your child will be too. Keep doing your best, and everything will work out just fine.