No Clutter Memory Keeping Essentials For The Proud Mamma

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Mammas know that kids really do grow up so fast! In fact, from the time when they are newborn in your arms to a teenager can seem like it flies by in an instant. That is why is so important to create keepsakes of the important times in their lives. Unfortunately, keeping every, single, item related to your child is impractical and can cause a lot of clutter in your home. A situation you can help avoid by following the advice below.


Photography is an excellent way of keeping memories of your kids when you are a mamma, and there are so many different options to try as well.

Firstly, you may want to invest in professional portraits, done at crucial points in your children’s lives, like when they start school or on their birthdays. You’ll want to make sure your little one look their best for these, something that stores like Ooh La La Divas and Dudes Boutique can help you with as they stock special occasion outfits. Although, to minimize on clutter its best ask for copies in digital format, and only get one printed to display in a frame.

Secondly, some mammas are further embracing tech and using this to capture and keep visual memories of their kids as they grow up. The simplest, clutter-free option being to take pictures and videos on your smartphone. Although, do be sure to back them up, as you definitely won’t want to lose them!

Alternately, I’ve heard of other people opening an email account and sending pictures, and messages to this. Then on their child’s 18th birthday they give them the account address and password as a gift and go through all the memories together as a family. An activity that not only cuts down on any physical memory clutter but is fun for both mammas and our kids as well.

Their art

Next, one of the most common items that mammas keep for the memories is their kid’s art. After all, who could bear to throw away those beautiful crayon masterpieces?

Sadly, problems can occur here because kids are so creative and make many pictures, meaning that its almost impossible to save them all without cluttering up the family home!

Happily, there is a solution and its to use your children’s pictures and create stylish pieces of art with them. A process you can read more about here. Then you will have pieces of their work with you in your home forever, that won’t take up much room, and they will still look cool when they are all grown up too!

Memory boxes

Last, of all, another smart idea when it comes to keeping memories of your children when they are young it to set up a memory box.

This is a simple container that you can store the most emotive items in over the long term such as baby teeth, locks of hair, unique gifts they made for you and the like. The idea is that you have to limit yourself to just a single box and so reduce the chance of overwhelming your home with memory clutter.