A Day Of Rest? Really? Keeping Some Sense Of Sanity On A Busy Family Sunday

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It’s supposed to be our day off, but Sundays seldom seem to epitomize the most relaxing day of the week. While we go to church and do our religious duties, the rest of the day is usually dedicated to family time. While this might not mean actually all of us spending a lot of time together, the one opportunity for everybody to sit down is when we eat. But the preparing of the food, more often than not, falls to us. Maybe you do the equivalent of a British Sunday roast, with meat, and all of the vegetables known to man, or you do a traditional Italian feast with seven courses, whatever you prepare, it usually comes with a lot of stress! So what is the key to keeping some order on a busy Sunday when you have a lot of family members around?

Assigning Duties Where Necessary

Preparing a big family meal can be a one-person task, but it doesn’t have to be! If you want to spend more time as a family, take this opportunity to get everybody into the kitchen and assign them individual duties. From peeling vegetables to preparing the meat, or just cleaning the surfaces ready for you to cook, every little helps.

Clean As You Go

Yes, it is easier said than done, but the momentous task of preparing a meal with everybody running around means that there can be a lot of mess. While it can feel stressful at that moment in time, if you want to save yourself some frustration later on, do your best to clean as you go. If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, this doesn’t mean that it does the job for you, unfortunately. But, it can be doubly annoying when you’ve put the dishwasher on, and half of the items come out still dirty! It’s better for you to have some good quality dishwasher tablets and liquid. There are plenty of suppliers that can do this, such as Clean Happens, and you can check out more about them on their website. But it’s not just the dishwasher that can take the stress out of the cleaning duties; if you can get someone to help wash dishes, clean surfaces, or anything else while you’re focusing on the task at hand, it means you can relax later on! The best way to think about getting on top of the cleaning duties while preparing a meal at the same time is to implement some sort of conveyor belt system. For example, you know that when the meat goes in, you’ve got a certain amount of time before the vegetables need to go on, which means that, in the meantime, you can focus on cleaning, not just the kitchen, but another part of the house that has been neglected throughout the week. This is where timers are indispensable. Most ovens have an oven timer, and if you’ve never bothered to learn how to use it, it’s, pardon the pun, time!

If Necessary, Ban People From The Kitchen!

It’s your space, and you need enough room to get everything completed, so if the kids and your significant other aren’t helping at all, you reserve the right to ban them from the kitchen! After all, you are doing everything you can to get food on the table at a decent time, and with so many different parts of the meal to complete, this can be multitasking of the extreme kind! But, the kitchen seems to be the place that the whole family congregates. And if you have guests, it seems that naturally, we gravitate towards the kitchen as some sort of social hub, which can pile the pressure on you infinitely. If you’ve got kids that just like to loiter in the kitchen, find enough things to keep them busy. Whether it’s video games, the TV, or just getting them to spend some time in their room for once, this takes the pressure off you.

Take Some Time Away If You Feel Stressed

As parents, we feel that we just have to get on with things, but if we feel stressed, we can tend to feel this is just normal. But it shouldn’t be! If you are tasked with doing the food every Sunday, and there are different types of potatoes you need to make, as well as sorting the dishes out, cleaning the tables, and so on, this sort of domesticated pressure can make us feel incredibly stressed out. If you feel like this, take a breath, but don’t feel embarrassed to take a step back. We can feel that we have to do these things, but we don’t have to. It’s far better for every single one of us, when feeling this way, to tell someone. Cooking a big meal every Sunday, when it should be your day off is a momentous undertaking. Find ways to reduce the pressure, either by getting other people to help, or by not cooking a meal every Sunday. It is your day of rest, so why should you feel that it’s down to you to make everyone else feel relaxed? If it’s your one day of the week for the whole family to get together, make it about the family, and organize some family fun nights, or just go out for a meal. While your budget might not stretch to it every Sunday, doing it once in a while, or at the very least, every couple of weeks, will ease that load.

While the first part of our Sunday can be dedicated to worship, the rest of the day is that opportunity for everyone to congregate as a family and to enjoy each other’s company. So, whatever you envision as a perfect Sunday, make sure that you don’t feel overly stressed. Sunday is the day we are meant to rest and recharge, and think about the week ahead. But nowadays, people are constantly bombarded with life’s pressures, and Sunday is just another day. Maybe it’s time for us to reclaim Sunday as a day of relaxation.