Is Mainstream School Suitable For Your Child?

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While mainstream school is the go-to formula that most parents slip into when thinking about educating their offspring, this isn’t the only option that you have to consider. Kindergarten, followed by elementary and then high school is the well-trodden path of many generations. However, in the twenty first century, other models of education are being more widely accepted as possible alternatives. While you might be happy with your little cherubs school, take a look at why you should keep your options open.







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Home Schooling

Homeschooling was once the realm of hippies and communes. Images of dreadlocked and positively horizontally laid back individuals teaching kids about nature, the cosmos, and astronomy while giving them free rein to do as they please without discipline can cloud the positive aspects of this form of education. Nowadays homeschooling is a sound option for certain children. Those children with autism, communication difficulties, and social anxiety can benefit from remaining at home, at least for a little while before moving towards a mainstream setting. Children with these conditions thrive on routine, a familiar environment and having their parents around to help guide them for a little longer.

Being educated at home means that you have more of a say over what your child studies. You are in full control of the curriculum, their routine, and their discipline. If you are highly organized and enjoy looking at the world through a child’s eyes, you could make a success of the homeschooling option.

You could head outdoors more often, concentrate on learning through experiences rather than books and enjoy a freer schedule. If your little one isn’t an early riser, set the school day from ten until four. A more bespoke and personalized education can have clear benefits, encouraging your child to explore their loves, talents, and skills.










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If your child is having a horrible time at school and is dealing with bullying or other stressful situations on a daily basis, you don’t have to be reliant on the school to fix it. Worrying about your child’s well being every day and knowing that they are having to go to sleep dreading their next day on the school bus isn’t worth it. Instead, you can bite the bullet and pull them out of school. This brave step means that your child will no longer have to manage the stress of going into a threatening environment five days a week. While their social circle may shrink a little, this may be a small price to pay for their physical and mental health. No child should have to fear school. By clueing yourself up, obtaining schemes of work online and setting out a routine, you could be a successful homeschooler.

If your child adores school and is thriving, then teaching them yourself at home may not even need to be a consideration. However, if this situation changes or your child doesn’t fit into the mainstream setting, homeschooling should be explored as an alternative.