Puppies Need Friends Too!

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Aww, aren’t puppies just the cutest!? If you have one at the minute, then you know how besides yourself you will be with it. One because they’re probably driving you around the bend, and two, because you’re probably just pining over them all of the time. We think that pretty much no matter what breed of puppy you get, there’s just going to be a bit of a cute overload with them. So, think about all of the things that you will have put in place before the puppy arrives to ensure that they’re ok. Food, toys, bed etc. But as they get older, do you think you’re caring for their needs fully? You’re probably a fabulous owner, but there’s one thing that we’ve noticed that all puppy owners seem to forget, and that’s why puppies need friends too! They really do need to be able to socialize, and here’s how we think they can.

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Puppy Daycare

If this isn’t the best thing you’ve heard of since sliced bread, then we really don’t know what is. There really are places where your little puppy can go during the day to have some fun and socialization. Of course, they are designed because if you’re leaving your puppy all day when you go to work, there’s no way that it’s doing any good for them. But, a puppy daycare center is going to do them the world of good. They have constant company throughout the day whilst you’re at work, and you’re able to relax knowing they’re in good hands. They could obviously only do something like this once they have had all of their vaccines, but once they have, theirs no reason why you shouldn’t invest with something like this. They’ll be able to make plenty of puppy friends, and if there are any problems with other dogs, they’ll be quickly solved by the people managing the place!

Fancy Another One?

Ooft, now this might not appeal to all of you. Yes, the cuteness overload is going to be real, but that doesn’t stop the fact that puppies actually are really hard work to try and keep happy. They wee and poop everywhere, they break things, they eat most items in the house, and they’re super needy. But, if you’re actually enjoying all of that, then why not think about getting another one. It’s a great idea, as they’ll always have a constant friend to stand by them. The earlier you get a second puppy the better if you’re going to get one because then there’s less likely to be dominance issues.

Plenty Of Dog Walks

You definitely do need to make sure you’re doing plenty of dog walks. A dog should really be walked morning and nights, and during the week it would be a good idea to take them the same route. Not only do they start to get to know their surroundings by your home, but because there’s a chance of bumping into the same dogs every day. Dog walking is actually super sociable, so it would be good for you as well as your dog!