How to Build a Strong Family Unit

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When we are first pregnant we dream of all the adventures we will go on with our kids and partner. Picturing woodland walks, picnics, school plays and movie nights. We dream big for our family and that is a glorious thing. Of course, some family conflicts are going to take more than reading together to fix, in which case you should seek advice from in the meantime –

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Here are a couple of tips to help you build a strong and healthy family unit.

Nothing replaces time spent. If you are the type of person who would rather spend a few hours in front of a computer alone than spend time with your children, then you should expect that to come back to you when they’re adult. In this day and age, it can be really tricky to find time to spend with your family, but also give yourself some ‘you time’ too. Basically, the only way to tackle this properly is to make time. Get up a little bit earlier and have a longer breakfast, ditch your private reading time and include the family and all read together. It is about compromise.

Having fun. This one might seem a bit obvious, but having fun is really great for strong bonds. In fact, some of the strongest marriages seem to be formed simply over one partner finding the other hilarious. Same goes for family units. The key to getting this one right is know that any moment can be a fun moment. Life is very short and filled with painful moments, but fun can shed light on the darkest of times. You might all have different hobbies or interests, so the key is to make sure everyone gets to share. If someone loves board games, then have a games night once a month. Someone love nature? Try and head out for walks once or more a month too. Fun can be as simple as having a good old dance in the kitchen on a rainy day.

Show them how thankful you are. Many years ago when someone did something nice for us, we would likely be encouraged to write a letter. Now people send text messages instead. Way less personal. No one is saying you should get the quill and parchment out, but a little note to your kids or partner when they do something you really appreciate will really be loved. It is all too easy to begin to take each other for granted. If one person always does the dishes, and no one says thanks they might begin to resent it and their place in the household. Saying thank you for the little things makes a lot of difference.

You have one mouth an two ears. Often in a family unit, there can be a lot of noise, and sometimes it can mean that someone isn’t being heard. In larger families, often the smaller of the kids don’t get the same attention paid to them. Make time for them to share what is going on with them that day. If everyone feels heard, then everyone feels safe and respected.