Dare To Be Different With Your Next Pet

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Pets are the best thing in the world. Whatever your reason for getting one, or whatever type of animal you try to get, they give you some of the best company in the world. The most common type of pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small little furry animals. Some dare to be different, and others wonder why the hell they’re doing it! But if you’re a lover of all things weird and wonderful, and you’re pretty much a lover of all animals, then you should definitely dare to be different with your next pet. We get why you might want to go for the obvious. You might want a dog because they’re friendly, they’ll love you like mad, and it’s pretty self-explanatory how you should take care of them. You might want a cat because they pretty much take care of themselves, and they’re some of the most relaxed of the pet choices. But, if you go for something a little bit different, you get a different type of bond and a different type of love for your pet. You’ll learn all there is to know about a species of animal that some might not, and you’ll learn why they can be so lovable. So, now we’re going to show you some of the different types of pets you can have, and why you should get them!

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You’re either going to love this idea, or you’re really going to hate it. It’s sort of like spiders. There are some people out there who will bravely charge into a room to get a huge spider out, and there are those that will run a mile at the sight of a money spider. But with snakes, you’ll some come to learn that they’re gentle and misunderstood. You have to do hardly anything to care for them as well! All they need is a big enough snake tank to house them, some light, and a good interior for them to get cozy in. You can get plenty of things from your local pet store to create this. A jungle theme is what you should aim for. All you need to is feed them as and when, and interact with them as you wish! If anything ever goes wrong, you could visit websites such as unusualpetvets.com.au to get them in for a checkup. Just like with any other animal you might fancy getting, snakes can get ill, need treatment etc. They’re gentle misunderstood creatures that we definitely think you should try out. Just make sure you don’t get one that’s poisonous! It’s illegal to have them in some countries, and there’s nothing you can do with them, other than house them when they could be in their own natural habitat.




Parrots are really fun loving creatures. We think they’re different because there aren’t actually many people who chose to go for parrots. There are many different species that you can go for, some are more lovable than others. One of the most common to get is a cockatoo. They’re so much more verbal than other species of talking parrots, and they can provide barrels of laughs without even realizing it! Once they get a connection with you, you’ll be their best friend as much as they are yours. Again, they’re super easy to care for. All you need to do is make sure they have a big enough cage, and that you’re clearing it out regularly. You can find out what they like to eat here. It’s not hard to teach them to talk either. They will usually start mimicking on their own, so be careful what you’re saying around them. If you don’t want them to start using offensive language around guests, you best make sure you’re never using it around the parrot. They have no filter, and there’s no way to stop them from talking.




Rats are probably something that out of the three, you’ll be most skeptical about. Like snakes, rats have a really bad name for themselves, but in a different way. They’re known to be vicious, carry far too many germs, and be a little bit creepy. But, pet rats are actually really cute, and far from vicious and full of germs. If you get a baby rat, you’ll watch them grow into something similar to a hamster. They’ll snuggle up to you, crawl all over you, and generally be happy creatures. Rats don’t mix well with certain other rats as well, so just make sure you’re getting the right type, or even just one!