Responsible Dog Ownership Looks Like This

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Many of us will know the joy and excitement that welcoming a new puppy or dog into the house can bring. However, bringing a dog into your family is much more than just the incredible first day. It’s about caring for them and responsibly providing for their needs as well. Something you can read more about in the post below.


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First of all, there is a divide in the dog ownership community between those who think they should live in the house with the family and those that prefer them to live outside.

Of course, if it is that latter option you choose it is essential to provide them with adequate warm, dry, shelter throughout the year. This means you will need to have heating pads (not to connect directly with their skin) and extra insulation for the winter, and even consider bringing them into a part of the house that is sectioned off when the weather is below freezing if you are to care for them responsibly that is.

Of course, much of this problem is negated by having your pup live with you and integrate into family life. Even so, it is still vital that you provide them with a place in which they can go and have some alone time if they so choose. Yes, dogs are social, pack creatures, but they also need to rest and recuperate, and allowing them to do this can have a positive effect on their behavior as well.


Responsible dog owners, for the most part, choose to have their pets neutered. The reason being that not only does it prevent unwanted litters of puppies, but it can also have a positive effect on their behavior making them calmer and more docile and so more suited to living in the home.

It’s not an expensive procedure either, and you can even find out the exact dog desexing cost in your area by searching for local veterinary clinics webpages. Of course, even if it was, it is still something to be considered as it’s just the best and most responsible choice in the majority of cases.


Many dogs are bred for working, yet don’t get the chance to exercise nearly enough in the home in which they live. Sadly, this can be a very irresponsible form of dog ownership, because you are now allowing them to fulfill their full potential.

Of course, you will need to work out your pups exercise routine based on their breed, size, and age, but two medium to long walks a day is the minimum that most pooches need on a regular basis to be happy.


Lastly, it’s important to consider the food that you feed your dog carefully. Scraps from the table and treats like a raw bone may seem like a kindness, but in reality, they often aren’t.

In fact, they can do a lot of harm to your pup from causing them to gain unwanted weight to being a choking hazard. Therefore owners need to consider carefully the type and amount of food that they are providing to their pooches. If they want to be as responsible as possible in their ownership and have help Fido to be around for years to come that is.