Growing Up: How To Ensure Your Child’s Bedroom Evolves As They Do

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The last thing you might want your kids to do is to get older; however, it’s inevitable that they will (and they tend to do so pretty quickly). Therefore, you’ll want your little ones to have a bedroom space that reflects their age, so that they can happily read, play, and sleep in there, and won’t feel like a baby (even though your kids will always be your baby).

Ensuring that your children have a space to call their own, that they’re proud of, will help to teach them the responsibility of maintaining a room and ensure that they feel they have somewhere to retreat to should they need. The following are some tips to transform a baby and toddler space into a bedroom fit for a young child, that will see them through primary school and beyond.


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The Functional Side

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to the crib or the little tot bed (sob) and introduce some “big kid” furniture to the space. Look at furniture with your little one to decide what would suit your child and their bedroom space. Whether they’re desperate for bunk beds (even though there’s only one of them) or they need everything to match; try to invest in items that will see them through for the future.

Simple, classically designed furniture pieces will ensure that you don’t have any expensive replacements to make during their school years. Another crucial area to consider is the storage in your child’s room. Aside from the wardrobe and a set of drawers for all their clothes and shoes; you’ll need to consider their ever-expanding array toys, games, their best magnetic tiles, crafts, and the endless list of other items your kids treasure. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about a neat way to store them all.

The Character And Personality

If you want your kids to feel great about their bedroom space, you’ll want to inject plenty of their character and personality into the room. Wallpaper choice is often a long-term commitment, so bear this in mind if your children ask for a specific character design; they could grow out of it quickly, and you’ll have the task of painting over each wall or re-wallpapering the space. Paint, in a muted version of your kid’s favorite color, will ensure that you can introduce artwork and accessories to the space, and remove them with ease.

The Comfort Side Of Things

You’ll need to make your kids comfort and ability to relax and sleep in their bedroom a priority. Figure out the best layout for the furniture, so that beds aren’t exposed, and they feel like they’re in a cozy nook when it comes to bedtime. Don’t overwhelm a bed with cuddly toys and cushions; you want your child to have a calm space to unwind and drift off to the land of sleep. Pop any soft, fluffy bed buddies up on a shelf above the bed, so that they’re still nearby, but your little one has enough room to sleep like a starfish (why are they never in the position you left them in when you come to check on them later on?).