How To Look And Feel Healthy Right Now

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The world that we live in right now is one that is run by the media. They show us what the apparent definition of beauty is, and then we are all expected to follow and become what they tell us to be, but just because a few influential people have an idea of how you should look, doesn’t mean that you need to take any notice of it. The first thing that should be on your mind, is being healthy, and with that then comes looking good too. They’re connected, and with one comes the other. So stop feeling as though you need to live up to people’s expectations – especially when they come from strangers you have never met over Instagram!


Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the only ways that you will ever truly feel perfect, and that’s because your entire body will be running on goodness, and this means both mentally and physically. A lot of people often base someone’s appearance on the way they look on the outside, but half of that – if not more – all begins from the mind, as it’s such a powerful thing.


The mind is so strong in fact, that just an idea or a thought can affect so much. Take stress for example, stress is a horrible sensation that makes you worried and frustrated and anxious, and from that, your heart rate begins to beat quicker, your blood pressure goes up and you generally won’t be feeling too well – and this is only the stress that lasts for a few minutes, let alone when it’s a recurring issue. That can just make you ill altogether. In the most severe cases, you can lose weight, lose your hair, be physically sick and constantly fatigued – all from a thought. This is why it’s so important to get as much under control health wise as you can, so you are able to avoid things like this a little easier because you are already so much stronger, both mentally and physically.


Healthy eating

There is no mention of going on a diet here, because that isn’t always the best thing. You don’t need to restrict yourself from eating things that you enjoy just because an article in your favourite magazine tells you to. Of course, eating unhealthy, fatty, and sugary foods every day isn’t going to be good for you – but you already know that. It’s all just about doing things in moderation. If you enjoy a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine in the evening’s in your downtime before bed – do it. It’s your little treat that you look forward to having every night, and that may be the thing that gets you through tough days at work, so getting rid of that would be stupid. But encourage yourself to welcome in more nutrients and vitamins, like more fish, and fruit and veg. The more you change it up in terms of your meals, the more good stuff you get, and the more stimulated your mind and body will be too.



Exercise is such a brilliant tool to not only keep you fit and healthy, but allow you to blow off steam and focus your energy on something positive. Everyone has a point where all they want to do is let out all of the feelings that they have inside of them, and exercising is a great way of doing that because you’re able to turn a negative into a useful positive. The kind of exercises you do is entirely up to you. It could be as simple as going to the gym, or going for a run around your block, or even starting a sport and having team members to work with. It’s all down to what you feel is best for you. Being active also makes your mind a happier place because it releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel on top of the world. Not forgetting the fact that you’ll also be burning calories and any extra fat that you may be carrying around with you.


Mental health

We are hearing a lot about mental health in the media right now, maybe more than we ever have, and that is because more people are coming out with a story and opening up, so as a society we are trying to shine more of a light on the issues. Having said that, things are still happening, and people are still suffering, and if you feel as though you’re struggling and aren’t sure what to do, it is vital that you talk to someone – a close friend or family is good, but a medical professional is better as they will have the tools to guide you in the right direction. So talk to a doctor about exactly how you’re feeling. They will then decide whether you will require medication to level out a chemical imbalance in your brain, or talking therapy that equips you with necessary coping mechanisms in tough situations. You may even find that the two combined will work best for you, but you won’t know until you get help.



While your appearance isn’t everything, it can definitely take its toll on you, and that’s another added pressure that you don’t need to be dealing with. It’s important to realise though that beauty comes from within, and even though it may not feel like that right now, it’s something that can be taught, and over time it will come naturally to you. If you suffer from problems that affect your appearance though, like acne or pigmentation on your skin – especially your face, then know that there are options out there for you to make your skin better. There are creams, and various foods, and treatments that can help, but before you decide on something, it’s always essential that you learn more about the options in front of you first so that you have a better understanding of what may work for you.