Helping Your Teen Develop Healthier Habits

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As your kids start maturing into young adults, they become more and more independent. They start looking after themselves more, meaning they rely on you less to tell them what to do and when. However, teens still need guidance from you about all sorts of things, and their health is one of them.

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Teenagers are often stereotyped as being lazy and surviving on a poor diet, but that doesn’t have to be the case with your teen. Read the following advice to help your teen develop healthier habits for both now and their futures.

Encourage healthy eating

Eating a balanced diet is important for people of all ages, and the things that you teach your kids now will benefit them when they go off to college and leave home. Get them to pitch in with preparing family meals and make sure that you all sit down to eat together at night. Adopting healthier eating habits is something the whole family can do, so take a look at some healthy family meal ideas for some easy-to-make dishes that you can teach your teen to cook too.

Get them moving

We all need some exercise to stay healthy, but if your teen prefers watching Netflix to being outdoors, they might not be getting the physical activity they need. As a family, you can do more to be active together such as going for walks or bike rides. Does your family have a dog? Perhaps you should give the walking responsibilities to your teen from now on.

Help them take control of their mental health

If your teen has been moody and distant, you should encourage them to open up about their issues. Some teens find it difficult to talk to their parents, but if you show no judgment and are simply there for them, they’ll be more likely to speak to you when there is a problem. Sometimes teens need more help than you can give them, and a teen residential rehabilitation program might be the best thing to deal with particularly worrying behavior. Teens can be affected by all sorts of mental health issues, so be extra vigilant if you notice a change in their attitude or mood.

Make sure they get enough sleep

Late nights and sleeping too long on the weekends are typical teen behaviors, but they can be damaging to both physical and mental health. Help your kids to get better quality sleep by helping them establish a bedtime routine, and make sure you wake them up on the weekends. With a regular sleeping pattern, they’ll feel much healthier and be better equipped to deal with the day ahead of them.

While helping your teen stay healthy is important, adopting healthier habits is something that the whole family can do. Set an example by kicking your unhealthy habits and pledge to be healthier as a family. Healthy teens are happier teens, and by instilling good habits in them now, you can help them take better care of their health as they get older.