Is Your Teenager Ready For Their First Set Of Wheels?

A day that many teenagers spend their lives counting down to and a day that many parents absolutely dread, but eventually the time will come when you’re going to buy your kid their first car. As scary as it can be, most parents know deep down that it’s an important step towards independence for their teenager and it’s something that they need to do. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a decision that you should take lightly. If it’s time to buy your teenager their first car, then that’s something that both you and they need to think about incredibly carefully. To help make that process just a little bit easier, here are some important tips when the time for buying your child’s first car finally comes.

Get something that can take a beating

You don’t want your teenager to get into any accidents at all. Of course, you don’t! However, it’s a good idea to be aware that they are never going to be more likely to get into some kind of accident than they are right now. The best thing to do is to get a car that you don’t might getting dinged a little bit. It might be tempting to get them their dream car but remember that an expensive car is much harder to replace or repair than something old and cheap. They might not feel like an old rustbucket is what they really want, but they’ll be grateful that it’s not in perfect condition the first time they rear end a lamp post while they’re trying to park.

Bigger is definitely not better

Not only are bigger cars with bigger engines going to be more expensive to both buy and insure, but they are also far less safe. Your teenager might be the safest, most trustworthy kid on the road, but if their car has a powerful engine, they’re going to want to open it up. Something like single litre engine is far better since it prevents them from being able to get up to ridiculous speeds and greatly reduces the temptation to drive dangerously.

Don’t bankrupt yourself

The truth is that your teenager’s first car is never going to be the one that they have for the rest of their life. Make sure that you’re not spending a ridiculous amount of money on a car that’s likely to take more than its fair share of abuse. Looking out for the best car loan on something simple and affordable is always better than trying to fit your finances around something ridiculously expensive. Sure, a fancy car makes a great gift, but something cheaper is going to serve both you and them far better in the long run.

No matter what car you get for them, remember that this is an incredibly important stage in your teenager’s life. Make sure that you’re allowing them the freedom that they need. It’s still important to set rules for them, but it’s a good idea to show your teenager that you trust them behind the wheel. By doing that, they’re far more likely to be a more responsible and safe driver.

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