4 Reasons To Learn Your Family History

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The fact any of us are here, breathing oxygen, laughing with friends, sipping on beer come Friday afternoons and raising children of our own is pure luck. It has to be. It’s the greatest lottery win of all time because the odds are so heavily stacked against us. It’s phenomenal. Mind-blowing. Your parents meeting each other, and their parents falling in love, and those that came before them living their lives in the way they did – all of it mattered to make you. Just one glance at your family tree and your heart will skip a beat.

But that’s not the only reason you should learn about your family history. There are so many other benefits to it. Yes, it is amazing o know and learn where you came from, how your personality was developed and the reasons behind why you are you. But there’s more to it than just that, as we’re about to explain.

  1. Time To Keep Traditions Alive

It only takes the briefest moments of research to learn about some of the traditions and histories that you would never have known about otherwise. Just think about it for a moment. 99% of people from the United States have immigrated from overseas, meaning there could be a whole bunch of cultural traditions you never realised were such a strong part of your history. It could be foods you eat or dates you celebrate – either way, passing these on to your own kids could be amazing fun.

  1. Your Medical History Is Worth Knowing

When it comes to staying healthy and overcoming health issues, one of the biggest advantages you can have is knowing what diseases have been common in your family’s history. It’s one of the things gene therapy focuses on and something you can learn more about by visiting www.poseida.com. Of course, it’s not just about knowing your own weaknesses and risks; it’s about allowing the future generations of your family to be on the lookout for signs and symptoms too. After all, early detection means you have a better chance of successful treatment.

  1. Watch Your Emotional health Skyrocket

According to recent studies, those who have learned more about where they came from tend to have better emotional health than someone who knows nothing about their past. This is because emotions are so closely linked to how we identify ourselves. But that’s not all. The same study also showed that teenagers who studied their own family histories had much stronger social skills than those who have not. This is most probably because of that common teenager’s battle called “trying to fit in.” So finding where they fit in the family is a great tool to combat this issue.

  1. It’s The Key to Better Relationships

It doesn’t matter if you have great-grandparents still kicking about, grandparents or just your parents, there is no better way to learn more about them then flicking on the kettle, making a couple of coffees and simply talking to them. But don’t just enjoy the moment. Press record on your phone’s voice memo app and save these chit chats for future posterity as well. It’s well worth the memories.