Mom, We Want A Dog

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There are a lot of families that grow up with a pet in the house and more often than not, that pet is a woofing and yapping little dog. In most cases, a dog is the perfect family pet. Dogs offer children and their parents companionship and love. They’re able to teach your children the right skills to care for a pet, to interact together and teaches children you can have fun when you’re careful.

There are an awful lot of pros when it comes to having a dog, but the thing is, dogs bite. They do. Not every time, not to every child, but children across the country require medical attention every day and dog bites are rather a huge health issue. They are, however, preventable. If your child was bitten by a dog that belonged to a stranger, you’d be on the phone to to discuss the options of compensation. It would therefore be ideal if you didn’t have to put yourself in a position whereby you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit because it’s your dog that has bitten someone else.

If your children want a dog in the home, there are rules like these that they will have to follow to ensure their safety. Ideally, you wouldn’t leave your children alone with any dogs at any time, not even the family dog. It doesn’t matter how old the dog is that you get, animals are animals and when children play, they can get overexcited. You can prevent your dog from biting the kids with the following tips for prevention:


  • Carefully evaluate your circumstances before looking for a dog. You need to ensure that you match your circumstances with whether you can keep a dog in the first place.
  • Choose your pet properly and evaluate the environment it came from. You need to know whether it was raised around children as a pup.
  • If it hasn’t yet been, neuter your dog. It can help to reduce aggressive tendencies and keep him calm.
  • Keep an ear on your children around dogs; look for cues of sensitivity and upset.
  • Thoroughly teach your children basic safety around animals before you get a dog for yourself. ensure that they are educated about how to approach a dog; even the family one that is with you for some time.
  • If you choose a rescue dog, make sure that it does not have a history of aggression around other children. You can’t put your kids in that position just because a personality seems different to before.
  • Avoid aggressive playtime. Tugs of war and wrestling are power plays, and your dog doesn’t need a reason to think themselves powerful.

Any dog can bite at any time, and it’s more important to stay safe and be vigilant than it is to risk your children and others. Always educate as much as possible anyone that comes near your dog, and you’ll be able to enjoy a dog as a family for a very long time.