3 Surprising Things That Might Damage Your Teeth

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You know very well that some food might cause more tooth trouble than others. Sugar, for example, acid, and even coffee can easily cause damage if you don’t take care of them – but there are, in fact, a lot of stuff in addition to food that can be just as harmful. By knowing about them, however, you’ll be better equipped to give them the best possible care.

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Here are a couple of the foods you probably eat on a regular basis as well as a few bad habits that might increase your next dental bill slightly.
#1 Grinding teeth
That dreadful tooth grinding you do at night actually has a proper name; bruxism. If you do it, you might not even know about it yourself – but your partner most certainly does. Speak to your dentist about how to avoid it and start sleeping with one of those teeth guards at night and have a look at http://www.bcdentalhealth.com/ to book an appointment right away.
A tooth guard might feel a bit funky, to begin with, but you get used to it quickly enough. The benefits it has for your smile is worth it, in any way.
While it is hard to say exactly why you grind teeth at night, it may be caused by stress, anxiety, or by drinking too much caffeine before going to bed. Think about your daily schedule and if it might be the cause of your bruxism and have a chat with your dentist about it.
#2 Chewing ice
Hopefully, you’re not guilty of this one. Ice is hard, cold, and generally bad for your teeth so it’s best to let it cool our drinks down rather than chewing it. While it’s not necessarily going to cause any immediate damage, it may hurt your tooth enamel and make it more vulnerable over time.
Take care of this bad habit right away if you have kids who tend to chew ice – it will save you a lot of money, in the long run.
#3 Dry mouth
Sometimes your mouth is able to hurt your teeth without you doing anything at all to cause it. You might get a dry mouth during the day at any time, so make sure you carry a water bottle with you to take care of the problem before it does any real damage. Check out https://www.colgate.com/ for some tips on how to avoid that cottonmouth.
Salvia does more than simply helping you to chew your food; it cleanses your mouth and helps to prevent tooth decay and general dental problems, so our main focus should be to drink water throughout the night as well as the day.
That bad breath will be a lot better too if you manage to have a sip of water when you wake up during the night.

Brushing and flossing properly is essential to a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy teeth – but avoiding some of the things above might also help you a bit along the way.