Helpful Methods Out Of Lethargy & Depression

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Lethargy and depression go hand in hand. Of course, we feel the need to state that this article will never replace the important advice of your Doctor, and if you feel undiagnosed or as if you’re on the edge, you should refer to their help first. The depression we hope to bring into this article is based on lethargy, that stale and sad feeling that can culminate when you have little to enjoy and you feel tired all of the time.

Luckily, there are methods to help you out of this, and they are absolutely worth knowing if you hope to live as your best self for the longest amount of time possible.


It can be essentially important to try new methods that take you out of your comfort zone initially. Not only can this help you as a novel solution, but services such as good acupuncture can help in a more holistic manner. Just be sure to use a solid service however, such as Fox Valley Acupuncture, as they have plenty of professional experience and can guide you through the process at all times. Acupuncture keeps the goal of balancing and restoring your body’s energy, but can also serve as a therapeutic, tension and pain-relieving effect that is more than worth experiencing for yourself.

Cold Showers

Cold showers can be one of the very first things you should do in the morning to wake you up. It’s not hard to see how this might function as a remedy to your alertness, especially in the morning. However, cold showers can also promote an endorphin response to help you feel good, and prepare you for the day. We all know that morning fuzziness and lethargy, especially if transitioning from a warm shower to warm coffee to warm interior of our vehicle. Without something to snap us awake, it might take hours for us to actually open our eyes and stay alert. A cold shower can rectify this from the very first outset.

Heading Outside

People rarely spend enough time in nature in the modern world. This is especially pronounced if working from home or working in a busy city. Remember, cities are relatively artificial environments. The human spirit is incredibly responsive to open green spaces, as they can relax us and legitimately lower our cortisol levels, even if we live within a half mile of proximity to an open and beautiful park. Not only does walking alone in nature give you a chance to connect to your real self, not the self you might have to put on your ‘personality armor’ on for in the boardroom, but you will also get exercise by this physical act, helping you work out a little by the mere act of traversing the landscape.

This gets your blood moving and your cardiovascular system fired up, which can be two of the most important activities for your mood and health.

With these simple efforts, lethargy can be broken through and made a thing of the past.