A Walk On The Wild Side: Letting Your Dog Off The Leash

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Dogs are often very energetic excited furry little creatures. Like us, they enjoy exercise, but some dogs may exceed the energy levels of their owners. Take labradors for instance. Labradors love to run and play and may need at least a few miles of exercise every day plus a lot of play time added to the mix. Now, this can be long and strenuous if you have to take them everywhere on their leash. That’s why you might consider letting them off and being a little wilder. By letting your dog off the leash, you can play fetch, you can let them have a run around a park or field, and you can stop feeling like they are constantly pulling you along. But what do you need to think about before you let your dog run free?


Where Can The Dog Go Solo?

Be aware that a lot of places are now banning dogs walking off their leash. You might find that you can no longer let your dog off on the beach, at the park, and in various other places. Even if you are allowed to let them off the leash there will usually be a rule that your dog must be under control. What this means can vary but generally speaking if your dog comes when it’s called, you’ll be fine. However, make sure you check for signs before you think of unclipping your dog and lettings it run free.

One place we never recommend that you let your dog off the leash is in the city or by any roads. You might have seen dogs walking without their leash next to the sidewalk with their owner. While the dog may look under complete control, it is an animal. It could get scared, distracted or confused and if that happens, it could end up in the road. Without a leash, there is nothing to stop this from happening.

Before You Let Them Off The Leash

It is important that before you do this, you make sure your dog has the necessary training. It should come back when it’s called and stay when told too. It should also behave around other dogs. While some dogs love to play when out and about if a dog does not want to engage your pooch should return to you immediately when commanded. While this may seem like basic aspects of training, there are many dogs out there in parks that do not have it. Using a service like Fisher’s dog training, you can make sure your dog isn’t one of them.

Do All Dogs Need To Be Let Off The Leash

Not all dogs want or need a lot of exercise. Similarly, not all dogs are interested in the level of freedom that going off the leash provides. Some, even when it’s unclipped will stay at your heel. This isn’t because of a high level of training usually. Often, it’s just because they have no interest in leaving your side.

We hope this helps you let your dog off the leash the right way.