How Not To Handle Stress And Anxiety

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There are times in our lives that can be tough and overwhelming. Life is certainly a journey and there will be points in time that are sent to test us. During these moments we can all feel the effects of stress and anxiety, however letting them bubble and manifest can lead on to further issues down the road if you are not careful. There are actions you can take to beat these symptoms of stress and anxiety, exercise, changing your diet, being calm and turning to your faith. But there are also times where you can do the wrong thing, and instead of making yourself feel better you can end up feeling a lot worse. We are only human after all, and there will be times in our lives where doing some of these things will feel exactly right at that moment, but for the long-term goal of feeling better and living a peaceful and contented life, it may not be. So I wanted to highlight some of the ways that might not help your stress and anxiety. Hopefully highlighting them might help you make a different choice when you are feeling at your lowest points.

Don’t turn to things like alcohol

Alcohol is just one example of something that people can turn to. That glass of a wine in the evening that just takes the edge off how you feel. But the problem is, that one glass turns into more, or it becomes more of a regular thing and the habit is developed. It might not be causing you any physical harm, although there are studies that say it does, mentally it is masking the issue. Women’s Sober Living is far easier to be achieved with the help and support of others. Avoiding things like alcohol can help you to truly tackle the problem and feel better for it in the future.

Don’t bottle up your feelings inside

We call all be guilty of bottling feelings up inside. We fear that we will be a burden on others for opening up about our problems, we may think that people don’t really care about us, but the truth is your closest friends and family do care and they will be there to help and support if you were to only ask for some help and guidance. Bottling it up inside can make things seem worse than they are, and make you feel bad for it. Open up and communicate.

Don’t avoid the issue

Finally, don’t avoid the issue. We can all be guilty of staying away from the thing that is causing us to feel this way. Avoidance means that you don’t have to deal with it but it doesn’t mean that the problem is going to go away. It is always best to face your issues head-on. Doing this with the help of your family will make it easier, and allow you to move forward with your life. Avoiding it just prolongs the situation.

I recently shared a question and answer video about anxiety, so I hope that talking about some of the things you shouldn’t do will help you take positive steps to feeling better.