Why Positive Self Esteem Is A Vital Facet Of Your Health

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Many people advocate the need for a healthy diet to maintain our weight, cutting out sugar and refined carbs to lower our chances of developing diabetes and heading to the gym to improve our cardiovascular fitness. While these are all admirable goals, these focus very much on our physical health. We should make efforts not to neglect our mental and emotional well being too. Being healthy doesn’t begin and end with our ailments, immune system, and eating habits. We also need to focus on how we feel, our ability to cope with stressful situations and our self-esteem. The way we see ourselves has an enormous impact on our lives and how we approach different people, challenges, and new situations. Take a look at how you can improve your self-esteem to enhance your health.

Be Aware

Sometimes we can be all too aware of the narratives we forge within our lives. If you find yourself falling for the same unsuitable guys or you find yourself stuck in the same dead-end jobs, it’s up to you to be hyper-aware of this and take it upon yourself to alter your narrative. Forget being in a relationship for a while and take some time out for yourself. Go travel, see a bit of the world, take up a new hobby and make some new friends. By changing the dynamic around you, you can alter the narrative that you find yourself slipping into time and time again. By removing yourself from these situations that damage your self-esteem, you can forge a new more positive view of yourself.

Self Image

Many people, women, in particular, look in the mirror every day to be unhappy with their reflection. While it’s all too easy to say that you should learn to love your curves, embrace your stretch marks and adore your pimples, words can fall flat without knowing how to change your attitude. If there is a particular area of your body that you are unhappy with, there’s no harm in calling a breast implant surgeon and discovering how you can be proactive to alter your looks. However, many body image issues are rooted in emotions and your mental well being. By fixing this, you can alter the way you view your body and learn to love your individuality and uniqueness.

Get Physical

When you feel hopeless, it’s important to not procrastinate and dwell on the negative thoughts. You need to wash them off by doing something to take your mind off them. Head outdoors, enjoy the sunshine, the rain or the snow and do something physical. This could be heading to the local gym to feel the rush of endorphins from a spin class, playing five a side soccer with the ladies down at the sports club or taking a long leisurely walk in the countryside. Anything physical will ultimately refocus your thoughts and shift them away from the negative emotions you are feeling. It’s up to you to be proactive and alter your thought processes no matter how difficult this might be.

Be Kind

Sometimes we can have low self-esteem because we don’t like the way we treat others, we feel a sense of guilt, or we simply don’t feel worthy of other people’s attention. If this is you, it’s time to change that pattern of behavior. You need to understand that you cannot change the past but that you can learn from it to change your future. Treat people how you wish to be treated, be kind, considerate and when you feel irritated or annoyed by others take a deep breath, count to five and feel the negative emotions fall away.

Trying to be a decent human being will allow you to feel better about yourself. You will make mistakes but you will learn to forgive yourself as you know your motivations are only ever positive. You will begin to like what you see in the mirror, you will feel more confident and exude this at work and with friends, and you will feel more capable of taking on challenges and overcome barriers.

Having low self-esteem can feel like you are stuck in a rut and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is there; you just need to be willing to get up, shake yourself off, and do everything in your power to find it. With more positive self-esteem and self-worth, your mental health will improve, and you will feel ready to move forward in your life.