Things to Look Out for as Your Dog Gets Older

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As your dog gets older, you need to know how to respond to his or her changing needs. There are some things in particular that you should be looking out for because these are the things that are most likely to affect older dogs. As a dog owner, you want your dog to live in comfort for as long as they’re around, so it’s up to you to learn more about the conditions and health problems that might impact your dog in the near future. Scroll down to start learning more about five of those conditions.


If you notice things such as weight loss, an increase in the amount of water your dog is drinking and more urination, it suggests your dog has probably developed diabetes. For their general health and happiness, this needs to be treated and managed so their quality of life can be maintained for longer.

Arthritis Signs

You need to be looking out for signs of arthritis because it’s a condition that’s very common indeed among older dogs. If you notice your dog limping a lot and chewing on their joints, it’s probably the case that arthritis is starting to set in. Get it looked at by a vet because it often can be treated.

Urinary Tract Infections

This is certainly not the most pleasant health problem in dogs, and it can cause them a lot of pain and discomfort. If you notice that they’re having problems passing water, a urinary tract infection or UTI might be the root cause. UTI in dogs is pretty common, and it can be treated and solved if you spot it and get expert help. So don’t wait around if you spot the symptoms.

Mobility Problems

Getting around suddenly becomes more of a pain for older dogs. They won’t be quite so eager to chase after that ball, and they might be content lying on the sofa for most of the day instead. There are some instances in which surgery can be carried out to improve joint movement, but that only happens when there’s a real benefit to be found. Most of the time, you just have to accept their new mobility situation.

Sight Loss

All of your dog’s senses will start to fail a little as they get older. It’s part of the deterioration that comes with growing old. However, for pet owners at least, one of the most worrisome and distressing is sight loss. For older dogs, their sight might not be as vitally important to them as you might think, and lots of older dogs manage to live for a long time without perfect sight. Things like cataracts can be easily treated too.

Older dogs always tend to face more health problems than younger dogs; that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you. But by knowing what you should be looking out for in your senior dog, you’ll be able to respond more quickly and ensure you offer your dog the best possible care and treatment.