Future Mom’s Here’s How To Prepare For A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an exceptional time in a woman’s life. It’s when they have a tiny precious life growing inside of them, and because of this, their body goes through some pretty significant changes. In fact, there are physical, and emotional changes that occur in pregnancy that future’s moms need to be prepared for to have a happy and healthy time. Just read the post below to find out more about each category.

Physical changes

The physical changes that you can expect to go through in pregnancy are varied. They are also usually linked to the trimester that you are in, as well as being progressive too. Something that means that they get more pronounced as time goes on and you are close to delivering.

For example, many women experience a slight swelling of the abdominal area as the baby grows in the first trimester, that become more prominent towards the due date. This is of course to allow the baby room for proper development. However, it can be a tough thing to get used to as it can affect ordinary actions like walking, bending down, and even sleeping correctly.

In fact, to deal with the latter many women choose to use special supports like these C-Pillows which encourage a posture that is supported and comfortable during sleep. After all, if there is any money that needs to get as much rest as possible while they can, its mothers to be!

Learn how to deal with fatigue in the clip above.

In addition to the swollen belly expectant moms can anticipate other physical symptoms as well. Fatigue is often common, and it is usually a combination of hormonal changes, increased weight, and the fact that as the baby grows, the mother’s lung capacity temporarily decreases. In fact, it can be quite common for women in their third trimester to get quite out of breath just performing simple tasks like walking up the stairs.

Then there are other physical changes that can occur such as movement from the baby itself. This usually starts to happen at around the middle of the 2nd trimester and often become stronger as time goes on. This movement can be a strange experience for the mother especially if she has never had a baby before, but it is also one of the things that most families look forward to. The reason for this is because it is not only a good sign of Baby’s health but also a physical reminder that they are on their way.

Lastly, don’t forget that some but not all women can experience issues such as morning sickness and swollen feet and hands. This sickness is thought to be caused by a reaction to the pregnancy hormone hCG, and while some mothers seem to experience this for only a few weeks in the first trimester, others can have the poor luck of having to suffer through the entire pregnancy!

Luckily, there are some tips and even treatments from the doctor that can help with this. Something it is worth seeking out as it is vital that you receive the proper nutrition when carrying a baby both for your health and for the little ones as well.

Swelling of the feet and hands is caused by the addition retention of fluid during pregnancy. This is a vital part of the pregnancy process as the increased fluid is needed to help the body expand and grow as the baby increased in size. In particular, elevating the feet can help the fluid drain and circulate around the body, if it is becoming a problem.

Emotional changes

The emotional changes that many women go through in pregnancy can be as significant as the physical ones. After all, your body is full of hormones that support the babies growth. Something that affects your mood, and gets your body ready to deliver and feed. Also, your mind is naturally focused on what it will be like to be a mother, and a combination of these things means that for some people pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster ride.

In fact, quick changes from one type of emotion to another, often known as mood swings are quite frequent during pregnancy. For some folks, this isn’t too much of a problem, but for others, the lack of emotional control can be frightening. Luckily, there are some ways to make it a little easier to deal with and one of these it to practice mindfulness of your emotional states.

Mindfulness is when you watch your emotions change without getting too caught up in them. What this means is that you are not respecting them or making yourself feel a certain way, but you also don’t have to act on every urge or worry that goes through your mind. Something that can make the rest of your relationship a lot easier to manage during the time you are pregnant.

Of course, it is also important to note that if you feel that your emotional turbulence is hugely out of whack, it may be a sign of mental or physical difficulties. Something that should always be checked out by your doctor.

Lastly, a state is commonly known as ‘baby brain’ is something that many expectant mothers, as well as those that have recently delivered, tend to go through. It is linked with forgetting and focusing on things, especially stuff that is not related to the immediate care and well being of your baby.

This state is usually caused by a combination of hormones, and physical exhaustion and often is nothing to worry about. In fact, it seems like a natural evolutionary development that as an expectant or new mother you are focused most on your child beyond and above anything else.

However, as with any physical and mental symptom that you experience while being pregnant if you are concerned about it, asking for help from relatives and getting checked out at your doctors is the best way to go.

After all, as an expectant mother, you have an important job to do. Therefore it’s vital that you get the right medical care that will allow you and your baby to be as happy and as healthy as possible during pregnancy.