Signs Your Child May Having Hearing Loss

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Your child doesn’t seem themselves – Have you noticed that your child is not as sociable as they used to be? Are they more withdrawn than usual? This could be because they do not want to spend time with people because they are struggling to hear. A lot of kids would rather bury their head in the sand because they do not know what is happening and they don’t want to say anything.

Your child seems to hear fine some of the time, yet other times they do not respond – Last but not least, it is easy to assume that your child is simply ignoring you. After all, a lot of children develop selective hearing when they do not want to do their chores. Nevertheless, it could be that they have a hearing problem. Hearing loss does not always mean that all sound is difficult to hear; it could be that only certain sounds are a struggle. It is best to visit an HIS and they will be able to investigate further to see if your child is suffering from hearing loss or not.

So there you have it: some of the warning signs that your child could be suffering from hearing loss. If you have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is important to book an appointment with a hearing specialist sooner rather than later. After all, the quicker the issue is diagnosed, the more chance you have of your child having a cure.