Why A Confident Mama Is A Better Mama

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Being a mother is hard. One of the hardest jobs there is. But also one of the best jobs there is. Every effort you put in will be repaid ten times in kind, even if sometimes it might not feel like it. Being a mother is also what you make of it. There are better and worse ways of doing it, and sometimes it can be very stressful trying to hit the limits of what you believe yourself capable of.

Mostly, being a mother is not different to being a human. While you give your all in protecting, nurturing and encouraging your child or children, it can be easy to neglect yourself in the process. However, this only translates into performing your duties as a motherless and less effectively.

A confident mama is a better mama. There are a million reasons as to why this is the case, but we hope to delve into a few of the most important. This also means first and foremost understanding that it’s okay to be confident. When we have given so much of ourselves for so long in the nurturing effort
towards the family unit, it can become easy to forget ourselves and worry about what the future holds. Unfortunately, this is one of the saddest things we can do regarding our overall happiness. You deserve better.

It’s important for us to feel confident in our body image. For that reason, accepting ourselves as we are is important. Of course, having children sometimes brings change to your body. This doesn’t mean you are any less beautiful. It’s important to understand that you deserve to look your best at all times and to revel in that. So, if you want to wear bright and colorful clothes with bright jewelry, why not? If you hope to change your hairstyle completely, why not? Never feeling at odds with what you want is important. After all, being a
mother doesn’t mean you should look a certain way or be a certain way. It means being most true to yourself and your children. If that means wearing something that makes you happy, you should completely go for it.

A good way
to get over body image issues is to put forth little daily achievements that celebrate who you are. Exercising, dieting well and generally taking care of yourself is a physical and effort-led way of telling yourself you are worthy of taking care of, more so than any affirmations might tell you. This is not to say you need to lose weight or look better of course, but only that working on yourself when you get a few moments can help you feel your best from actual acts that communicate your worth on a daily basis. Adding some maintenance here and there can work wonders like this too. For example, having a manicure treat, a spa day, heading to New Braunfels Dental to recuperate some issues you might have been experiencing, or generally ensuring that your wardrobe is stocked and updated can make the entire endeavor seem more friendly and welcome to who you are as a person. This means that you never feel taken advantage of or only the support link in your family. You feel a confident member, someone who is lacking would mean that the entire family would be lesser for that. It’s okay to feel great about yourself. It’s the least you deserve thanks to all the effort you put in.


While exercising authority all the time is not always great parenting, it is certainly part of it. This means
having the confidence to back up your actions, and a backbone to structure it. This might mean dictating that your husband needs to allow you to discipline a child without offering the friendly persona and thus allowing the child to play you off one another.

It means having the conviction and patients to think a situation through, and become much more appropriate and accurate in your response. It also means having the capacity to defend your kids from teachers that might be overstepping their boundaries, or simply assessing a better place for them to go. Having the authority means being a wise example for your children to follow, to take the role of motherhood seriously and respecting its privileges.

The best way you can do this is to be informed of all situations revolving around you and your child. It also means refining your communication and keeping the confidence to say what you mean. It might also mean taking on more responsibility around the house and staying steadfast in the presence of a difficult partner. Luckily, motherhood is something that prepares you for this, as this job is challenging in itself. Taking some of the lessons you learn such as perseverance, the ability to learn from small situations, the ability to communicate carefully and in a collected manner, as well as the ability to manage your emotions can allow you to become a better person with time. Allow those teachings to influence everything you do, from negotiating with your bank teller to putting your child forward for things that truly interest them.

Team Family

While you have a duty to the society around you to be a good person and uphold your family well, remember that the only true team you’re on is the team of your family. Your surname and the people that will encompass (as well as your connected others of course,) should be the only people that matter to you in this world. Of course, altruism is always an amazing virtue, but practically being the best and most stable unit in your home is one of the best roles you could ever fill, from morning to night, 365 days a year. See just how wonderful this is, and you’re sure to top approach the entire effort with a renewed sense of confidence.

With all this in mind, you are sure to experience motherhood with more confidence and autonomy.