What No One Tells You About Being A Mom

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 Being a mom is an adventure, to say the least. It is the best journey you can take in life. It is filled with up and downs, but most importantly, it is filled with the greatest sense of love you will ever experience. No matter how much you prepare for being a parent, there are a few surprises that will come along the way. Below, we take a look at some of the things no one tells you about being a mom…

You won’t know if you have done a good job for about 30 years – One of the weird things about being a parent is that you try so hard to get it right. You spend your life making difficult decisions and doing everything you can to create a good human. However, you won’t know for about 30 years if you have achieved this. 

You will never have a simple journey again – You are a walking carrier bag from now on. No matter where you go, you are going to be juggling a plethora of different things, from the diaper bag to your child’s favorite blanket. You will forget the meaning of traveling light.

You will become a type A control freak – Being a mom makes it feel almost impossible to back off. You will want to know everything your kid is doing.

There is no privacy – When parents say they get no time to themselves, we tend to think they are exaggerating. Surely they get peace when their child goes to bed? Well, news flash; there is no privacy! You won’t even be able to go to the toilet without your child trying to interrupt you.

There is no learning curve – A lot of people say that being a parent is a big learning curve. However, quite frankly, there is no learning curve. Once you think you have mastered this parenting lark, something comes up that makes you feel like you are back to square one. Plus, the parenting technique you used in the first place may quickly become ineffective once your child has rumbled you.

Your baby will eventually insult you – That gorgeous little baby that looks like butter wouldn’t melt will soon grow up to insult you. And no, this doesn’t mean that they are going to turn into a teenage brat and call you names! You only need to give it a few months and they will be throwing their dinner off the high chair at you. Oh, and they will probably have a good chuckle about it!

From being a walking carrier bag to the lack of privacy, there are lots of different things that come with being a mom. However, it is still the best experience you will ever have – by far!