What Does Happiness Mean For Your Family?

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One of the most common things that people say that they want for their children is happiness. It’s a universal wish for children all over, and there’s a mountain of information out there about how to raise smart children or raise successful children, but where does the happiness fit in there? Parents don’t get an easy ride. Balancing what is best for the children with what makes them happy children is not always an easy thing to manage. Happiness doesn’t actually come from buying in the latest and greatest gadgets in the world. It also doesn’t come from going on fancy themed vacations abroad.

Parents can do so much to make their kids happy, and they direct most of their time towards making that happen. It doesn’t matter whether you blow raspberries on the tummy of your new baby to draw a giggle, or whether you source the best pediatrician for your child to visit when they’re sick; everything that you do for your children is to make them happy. There are a lot of things that you can do as a family to give your kids the security and happiness that they crave; stability is so important for your family! Here are some of the best examples of what you can do for your children:

  • Eat Together. The family that makes a point of sitting around a table and eating at least one meal a day together is the one that will have the happiest children. Children need and crave routine and structure and if you have that one constant throughout their day, you’ll be encouraging your whole family to be healthier. There are tons of benefits for eating together, and while it’s not possible for every meal, you can still make breakfast or dinner your thing.
  • Play Together. Have you ever had your child try to use you as monkey bars as you clean or work? Take that moment to wrestle, play and tickle and listen to those laughs that you get. Structured play is great, but there’s nothing more fun than announcing a trip to the local climbing frames at the last minute. Don’t let your children fill their time with screen time and consoles when you could be out in the fresh air playing chase. Those memories are the ones that will stick.
  • Be Apart Together. Okay, so that sounds counterproductive. Being a parent who is there for their child includes giving them space to explore for themselves and have an imagination. There is a very fine line between quality time with the kids and too much smothering. Give your children the room to develop their own style and personality and not just emulate you.

Ultimately, happy children come from families that have happy parents. Parents can teach their children everything that they need to know about being happy, but it’s presence and not presents that keeps children feeling secure and feeling loved. It’s up to your family as individuals to decide what happiness means for you.