Teeth Related Appt #5

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Let’s count them off now shall we?

  1. Round One: I had two fillings placed on my lower right side. Fun times were had by all.
  2. Round Two: I had two more fillings on the upper right side. Those hurt, even with novacane I was in tears.
  3. Round Three: I had two tiny fillings on the back side of my top two front teeth. Anyone noticing a pattern here?
  4. Round Four: I went back in because I thought something was wrong with my fillings in the back. No matter what I drank, hot, cold, or lukewarm, my teeth hurt like hell. Turns out getting my fillings aggravated my teeth which need pulled. So I’m shit outta luck.
  5. Round Find: We are on our way to see the oral surgeon for a consult regarding having my two teeth pulled. My dentist only wants me to have it done by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia because the last tooth I had pulled took four hours, I was awake and now I’m traumatized.

Five trips regarding my teeth in the past two months. I’m officially over the dentist. As soon as I get these pains in my mouth out!