Just Like Kids: Ensure That Your Pooch Has A Routine

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If you’ve got a puppy or a dog, they’re likely to be an integral part of the family home and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s vital that you put plenty of effort into taking care of their needs so that they can, in turn, help to take care of yours. Dogs are intelligent mammals (sound familiar?), and they have very similar needs to other family members. Sure, they don’t need anywhere near as much in the way of material items and education; however, your pooch will live by their routine and surroundings. You need to ensure, that just like the kids in your home, your dog has a set routine that ensures their basic needs are met, and that they also have an enjoyable life, just like any member of the household.

Often, getting your pooch into the best routine possible will help to ensure that you and the rest of your family are also in a great day-to-day routine. Dogs will help to get you outside more, exercising regularly, not to mention providing a quiet support system when you need it the most. If you’re out of sync with your pet dog, and they are last on your priority list; it’s time to reassess your situation, and make the changes needed to give them the best life possible. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to ensure that their canine companion has the best life possible, and a great routine that suits everyone in their home.

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Exercise and Play

Aside from ensuring that your dog has regular opportunities to go to the bathroom, time outside will ensure that they are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation. Walking your dog in public areas is the best way to socialize them, and they’ll enjoy all the new sights, sounds, and smells that the world has to offer. The more your pooch takes, in the more they’ll return tired and ready to curl up for a nap. You can continue the great work inside the home; make sure your dog has plenty of toys to chew and play with so that they won’t be tempted to start nibbling on your shoes. Check out sites like dogable.net for some ideas on sturdy and long-lasting chew toys for your dog, and stock up. A bored pooch will get up to mischief; much like humans, dogs need to feel fulfilled each day, so make sure you’re giving them the means to keep busy.

Behavior and Habits

The only influence that will impact your dog’s behavior and habits is you. Therefore, you need to ensure that part of your routine becomes teaching them right from wrong, and what’s expected of them; otherwise, how will they know or learn? Always reward good behavior, and don’t let any bad actions slide or go unnoticed because your pooch will think that this is okay. Give them the chance to do well and incorporate regular sessions of recall and fetch into each day; you can reward with treats and hugs, and you’ll both benefit in the long run.