Gavin’s Trip to the Pet Store

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The other day we went to a local pet store, Whiskers Wings and Wild Things, looking for more ghost shrimp; they don’t live very long and we really enjoy having them in Hogwarts as the “random students,” explain later. Whiskers, Wings and Wild Things have a long hair black cat and a Heize 57 dog who wander the store, both are very safe and well behaved.

Typically, the cat is rather standoffish. Things were a bit different this time around. This time around as soon as Gavin sat down on a bench they have and the cat was crazy for Gavin! Gavin sat down and the cat was immediately in Gavin’s lap demanding attention. Only he didn’t any of the attention from the rest of us, just Gavin. It was ridiculous and Gavin was eating it up.